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Help make it happen for CineKink... the kinky film festival!
Were busy gearing up for the eleventh season of CineKink and, with your help, were hoping to make this the best and biggest year yet ... for both our upcoming NYC festivities and our annual screening tour.
To that end, weve launched our first-ever Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign - and we would love your support. We've pushed past $7,500 raised and with just over 54 hours to go until our deadline on Sunday, we're within striking range of our $11,000 goal. That goal, though, IS all-or-nothing and we can use every bit of help we can get!
If you're local to NYC and plan to be joining us next week, we've got kick-off gala admissions and CineKink NYC All-Access passes available among the rewards for your pledge.
And if you're following us from afar - likely joining us for one of our tour appearances during the CineKink 2014 season - we've got lots of rewards that you can enjoy as well. (What all is in the "booty call" reward package? We can't tell you but we're sure you'll like! :)
In case this is your first Kickstarter, the process is very simple. You can set up your pledge using any name you like, and just make your payment through an existing Amazon account.
But again, its an all-or-nothing campaign! If we dont make our goal of $11, 000 by Sunday at midnight, we dont receive a thing. So, please jump in and help make us happen!
CineKink @ Kickstarter
Thanks so much for your support!
Lisa Vandever
Co-Founder & Director
"The kinky film festival"

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