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CineKink Announces Kinky Line-Up for Annual Film Festival
March 14-19, 2017
CineKink NYC returns for its 14th annual appearance on Tuesday, March 14, bringing with it a specially-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality. In addition to screenings, plans for the festival also include a short film competition, presentations, audience choice awards, a fund-raising kick-off gala and a concluding "AfterGlow" play party.
Billing itself as "the kinky film festival," the event will run March 14-19, 2017. Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, works presented at CineKink NYC will range from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit - and everything in between.
"In light of everything going on in our country right now, it's personally been a bit of struggle producing this year's festival," said Lisa Vandever, co-founder and director of CineKink. "But in our current climate, it's vital that we claim our rights to free self-expression, and sexuality is such a key component of that. As is pleasure - and I know a lot of us could do with a bit of fun about now!"
The CineKink NYC festivities begin Tuesday, March 14, at 8 PM, with a fundraising kick-off extravaganza to be held at M1-5 Lounge (52 Walker Street, NYC), a pansexual celebration that includes burlesque performances, sexy "sensation stations" for the kink-curious, a raffle of sex-positive swag, and some decadent morsels of cinematic mirth.
The festival then moves to Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue, NYC) from Wednesday, March 14 through Saturday, March 18, with several different film and video programs scheduled for each day.
An awards celebration and an AfterGlow play party complete the festival's run on Sunday, March 19.
Among the headliners, first up on Wednesday, March 15 at 7:00 PM, is the festival's CineKink Season Opener screening of SECRETARY, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the BDSM classic's original release. Then, at 9:30 PM, the documentary HORSE-BEING follows a 50-year-old former teacher as she trains with an American cowboy and roleplays as a horse.
On Thursday, March 16 at 7:00 PM, the shorts program MORE THAN TWO explores a range of minglings - polyamorous, non-monogamous, swinging or just "open" - that move beyond the traditional couples construct. Then, at 9:15 PM, KINK & COMMUNITY offers a short film sampling of the many predilections that make up the world of kink - and the museum that strives to document them all.
On Friday, March 17 at 7:00 PM, THE BEDROOM is a fun and playful roundelay of six erotic episodes, all set in one bedroom over six decades, tracing the changes in sexual mores over the years. And at 9:00 PM, as the nation readies itself for new political realities, NASTY WOMEN is a collection of short films that stake a claim for female agency and the power of speaking one's desires.
Kicking off Saturday, March 18 at 1:00 PM, SEX AND THE SILVER GAYS is a documentary look at the NYPrimeTimers, a New York-based group of gay senior citizens who actively participate in monthly sex parties.
At 2:45 PM, CHURCHROAD explores a subculture within Amsterdam nightlife that offers unprecedented sex and apparent absence of judgment, causing the documentary's filmmaker to confront his own personal boundaries.
At 4:30 PM, CineKink's annual porn showcase, BRING IT!, features a dazzling array of talent from today's adult cinema, each representing a wide range of genres and visual styles, all stepping up with a hot sampling of their recent endeavors.
At 7:30 PM, a collection of shorts, SURRENDER, touches upon the exquisite moments of letting go, of giving oneself over completely to another.
And at 9:30 PM, the festival's closing competition film, SNAPSHOT, draws on suspense film classics such as Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' and Antonioni's 'Blow Up,' to follow Charlie, a freelance photographer and woman-about-town, as she pursues an older butch who's in search of romance.
For everyone inspired during CineKink to take a go at creating their own erotic cinema, a workshop, CRASHCOURSE: A PORN PRODUCTION PRIMER WITH SHINE LOUISE HOUSTON, will take place from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.
CineKink NYC concludes the evening of Sunday, March 19 at 7:00 PM, with the CINEKINK AWARDS CELEBRATION, including presentation of the annual festival awards, to be followed at 9:00 PM by the CINEKINK AFTERGLOW party, one last chance to mingle with like-minded festival-goers and enjoy a few additional screenings, this time in a relaxed, play party setting.
The location for all Sunday events is Bowery Bliss, a club located on the Lower East Side; exact address will be provided upon advance RSVP/purchase.
For more information, visit
Tickets and passes may be purchased via
Tickets to CineKink NYC screenings are $11; $8/seniors & students.
Admission to the Kick Off Gala is a suggested donation of $20 door/$15 advance.
Admission to the Awards Celebration is free with RSVP.
Advance purchase admission to the AfterGlow party is $30/individual, $50/couple,
$60/triad; no door sales.
A limited number of CineKink All-Access Passes, covering admission to all screenings and parties, are available in advance for $85; $65 for students/seniors; $45 for CineKinksters & Friends w/Benefits (CineKink member supporters).
Admission to CRASHCOURSE: A Porn Production Primer is $25, and is not included in the CineKink NYC All-Access pass.
Screenings and workshops are open to those 18 and over; the Kick-Off Gala and AfterGlow party are restricted to those 21 and over.

CINEKINK NYC - Program Descriptions
March 14-19, 2017
TUESDAY, MARCH 14 ************
Tuesday, March 14 - 8:00 PM
Put on your shiny finery and help kick off CineKink NYC in proper style! A pansexual celebration of epic proportions, in addition to burlesque performance, the festival’s opening night gala will feature “sexy sensation” stations, a kinky raffle, and some decadent film morsels.
With all proceeds going to support the continuation of CineKink's sex-positive and kink-friendly program mission, it's mixing and mashing for a good cause!
Featured films include:
Spank You Very Much
An original song celebrating the joys of spanking.
Directed by Thomas Florek, 2016, USA, 3 minutes.
While browsing the bookstore, Gwen is unexpectedly drawn to a volume of kinky erotica.
Directed by Dario van Vree, 2016, The Netherlands, 3 minutes.
Chase Stewart once had his own successful YouTube channel but his dog, Pithuhua, keeps stealing the show.
Directed by Katherine Sweetman, 2016, USA, 6 minutes.
A sexually-frustrated Prime Minister's laptop is hacked, causing him to switch bodies with the female star of the porn-cam he's watching.
Directed by David Abramsky, 2015, United Kingdom, 7 minutes.
M1-5 Lounge
52 Walker Street (between Broadway & Church), NYC
Suggested donation: $20 door/$15 advance
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15 ****************
Wednesday, MARCH 15 – 7:00 PM
CineKink Season Opener!
“Do. It. Again.” CineKink originally presented ‘Secretary’ as their Tribute selection during the very first CineKink NYC in 2003. Has it really been 15 years since its release? Indeed, it has… and high time to rewatch this BDSM classic in the company of like-minded kinksters! In case you’ve forgotten … Lee Holloway has a few strikes against her when she applies for a secretarial position at the law office of E. Edward Grey. At first the work seems quite normal but soon in between typing, filing and coffee making, Lee and Mr. Grey embark on a more personal relationship together, crossing the lines of conduct that would give any human resource director the vapors!
Directed by Steven Shainberg, 2002, USA, 104 minutes. Stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Spader, Lesley Ann Warren and Jeremy Davies.
Wednesday, March 15 – 9:30 PM
Karen, a 50-year-old former teacher and father of a daughter, is currently training with an American cowboy for her transformation into a horse. In this form of roleplay, known as pony play, Karen dresses up as a “horse-being,” and as she undergoes physical training for dressage and pulling a cart, the boundary between reality and fantasy begins to blur. A poetic reflection on humanity, gender, life, love and nature.
(Directed by Jérôme Clément-Wilz, 2015, France, 63 minutes. US premiere.)

THURSDAY, MARCH 16 ******************
Thursday, March 16 – 7:00 PM
MORE THAN TWO (Shorts Program)
This collection of shorts explores a range of minglings that move beyond the traditional couple construct…sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much.
Monkey Lion and the Wolf
A pansexual fable, set in a primeval forest. Monkey Lion was master of the chase, but his charms and his pride could not prepare him for the coming of the Wolf.Directed by Nara Denning, 2014, USA, 8 minutes. World premiere.
The Ethical Slut
Bridging the gap between middle class reality and the sexually liberated underworld, this web series, inspired by the infamous book of the same name, follows Dotty and Jackie as they navigate the world of polyamory.
Directed by Ben Fritz, 2015, USA, 21 minutes. Stars Melissa Nearman and Betsy Cruise.
The delicious pleasure of breakfast in bed and other surprises.
Directed by Urvashi, 2106, USA, 11 minutes. Stars Satya, Avalon and Julian.
Four-Day Weekend
A middle-aged couple, married for twenty-three years, takes a four-day break from each other. The aftermath leaves their relationship shaken and tested.
Directed by Nicole Jones, 2016, USA, 20 minutes. Stars Ben Koldyke and Nicole Jones.
Like Totally Hot Couple Seeking Same
Isabelle and Jean Luc are a normal, uptight, Parisian couple in search of a way to spice up their marriage. So they travel to the one place in the world known for its debauchery… Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Directed by Marcel Simoneau & Kirsten Russell, 2015, USA, 17 minutes. Stars Celine Perra, Roger Contebardo, Marcel Simoneau and Kirsten Russell.
Been Too Long at the Fair
A longtime patron recalls his erotic encounters at the Fair Theater, revealing how this New York institution has managed to stay open and serve its gay clientele for over 35 years.
Directed by Charles Lum & Todd Verow, 2015, USA, 6 minutes.
"Sometimes in a relationship you need to shake things up a bit."
Directed by Ms. Naughty, 2017, USA, 6 minutes. Stars Lina Pembe, Parker Marx and Rooster. US premiere.
Thursday, March 16 – 9:15 PM
KINK & COMMUNITY (Shorts Program)
There are many tastes and predilections that make up the world of kink. Here, a sampling of just a few …and the museum that strives to document them all.
Folsom Street
A kink and fetish-fueled dance explosion in celebration of the Folsom Street Fair.
Directed by Aron Kantor, 2015, USA, 6 minutes.
You've Got Tail
A mail carrier is in for a salty surprise. The pups at this house are a little friendlier than he was expecting...
(Directed by Danny Tayara, 2016, USA, 4 minutes. Stars Ari Chivukula, Azure Blank, Foster Larson (Pup Kero) and Wolf Pup Tibor. New York premiere.)
In Search of Candy
Investigative reporter Travis Dollymop rips the cover off the sex camp industry, sure that he's uncovered a multinational conspiracy that bilks horny middle-aged men out of their money! (Directed by Bo Blaze, 2016, USA, 10 minutes.)
Playing Scrabble
A couple explores their fantasies through a very kinky game of scrabble.
(Directed by Jessie Sparkles, Paradoxipus & The Linguist, 2016, USA, 5 minutes. New York premiere.)
Coming of Age
The planned Daddy-Son-Afternoon turns into a conversation about male role models – until the roles get fixed again. (Directed by Jan Soldat, 2016, Germany, 13 minutes. US premiere.)
Please May I Come Mistress?
A gorgeously intimate scene of loving dominance and orgasm control between two real-life BDSM play partners. (Directed by Pandora Blake, 2016, United Kingdom, 17 minutes. Features Charlie J Forrest and Zak Jane Keir. US premiere.
By The People: 25 Years Of Community Archiving at Leather Archives & Museum
Illustrates the rise of The Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M), from a co-founder's Midwestern basement to the professional institution it is today…all thanks to the ongoing efforts of those within the communities that LA&M represents. Demonstrates how professional archiving and public display of alternative sex and culture materials are acts of activism, and a path toward ending the stigma and shame that many in mainstream society often seek to place on those with kinky inclinations.
Directed by Christina Court, 2016, USA, 39 minutes. World premiere.
FRIDAY, MARCH 17 *********************
Friday, March 17 – 7:00 PM
One bedroom, six decades. A fun and playful roundelay of six erotic episodes, all set in one bedroom over six decades, traces the changes not just in dress and decor, but in sexuality and sexual mores over the years. From the invention of the pill in the 1960s, through the gay revolution, through to cybersex and female-pleasing sex toys.
Directed by Anna Brownfield, 2016, Australia, 82 minutes. US premiere.
preceded by
A car traverses the night and bodies become subjects to light and dark.
Directed by Lo Liddell & Vile Mae, 2015, Spain, 5 minutes. US premiere.
Friday, March 17 – 9:00 PM
CineKink Centerpiece Screening!
NASTY WOMEN (shorts program)
As we ready ourselves for new political realities, these short films stake a claim for female agency and the power of speaking one’s desires.
F*ck Yes: Protection
Things have gotten hot and heavy, but there's no protection in sight. What's a couple to do?
Directed by Emily Best, 2016, USA, 3 minutes. Stars Brendan Kelleher and Lauren Schacher.
Cass is a sapiosexual, someone who is attracted to intelligence over looks. For her, going on a date involves more than originally meets the eye...
Directed by Kristin Heckler, 2016, USA, 14 minutes. Stars Ryan Natalino, Dustin Hurthler and Graham Miles.
Since You Asked So Nicely
Friends and fuck buddies, Pandora Blake and Parker Marx meet unexpectedly in Berlin and head back to her flat for tea and cake.
Directed by Ms. Naughty, 2016, Australia, 13 minutes.
My Moaning Neighbor
“Dear tenant of the 2nd floor: The screams and moaning of your guests bounce all over the inner courtyard day in, day out!”
Directed by Erika Lust, 2016, Spain, 8 minutes. Stars Mickey Mod and Vex Ashley.
Pancit Canton
A documentary of tattered love, encapsulating the ravenous, delightful winds of lustful youth.
Directed by Taylor Bennett, 2016, 3 minutes. Also stars Francesca Gonima.
See Me
“Who do you see? A stereotypical good girl? Someone who needs your sympathy? I wonder: could you ever spot me? Do you see me?”
Directed by Ms. Naughty in collaboration with/starring Mel Lou, 2016, Australia, 3 minutes.
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
A hot exhibitionist helps Margie heal her broken heart.
Directed by Margie Schnibbe (aka Vena Virago), 2016, USA, 9 minutes.
Rendered barren by a recently discovered medical condition, Lilith Luxe is filled with Jesse James' fist as the two are heard having an intimate conversation about loneliness, emptiness and family.
Directed by Lilith Luxe & Jesse James, 2017, USA, 17 minutes.
F*ck Yes: Fingers
Consent is sexy, and sultry, even well into a long-term relationship.
Directed by Emily Best, 2016, USA, 3 minutes. Stars Marnie Alton and Erica Anderson

SATURDAY, MARCH 18 ***************
(M4MX2 - see double-feature matinee shows, 1 PM & 3 PM for discounted admission!)
Saturday, March 18 – 1:00 PM
Amidst their flurry of elderly activities, the NYPrimeTimers members also actively participate in monthly sex parties. These octogenarian orgiasts invite us to their intimate gatherings, explicitly illustrate their carnal activities, and explain to us who they are, their own shared histories, and what it means to their lives to share joyful, consensual sexual celebrations together for a long as may be possible. A great lesson for us all!
Directed by Charles Lum & Todd Verow, 2016, USA, 70 minutes.

Saturday, March 18 – 2:45 PM
A subculture within Amsterdam nightlife, Club Church offers freedom, unprecedented sex and apparent absence of judgment. Yet exploring the club, the film director finds himself pushing against his own personal boundaries as he explore its liberties, bringing out a side of himself he didn’t know existed. Is it healthy and can he deal with this freedom? Robin Vogel bares all in a film about sexual identity, non–monogamy and bridging different worlds.
Directed by Robin Vogel, 2016, The Netherlands, 54 minutes. US premiere.
preceded by
Guillaume Masturbates
Guillaume masturbates too often. Or does he?
Directed by Patrick Aubert, 2017, Canada, 3 minutes. Stars Miguel Doucet and Marc-André Fabi.
Chase Stewart once had his own successful YouTube channel but his dog, Pithuhua, keeps stealing the show.
Directed by Katherine Sweetman, 2016, USA, 6 minutes.
Saturday, March 18 – 4:30 PM
BRING IT! (Industry Showcase/Clip Program)
A dazzling array of talent from today's adult cinema, working in a wide range of genres and visual styles, steps up with a hot sampling of their recent creative endeavors. This year’s program includes:
Gonzo Girls
Making a living ain’t easy these days, particularly for young creatives in San Francisco. Andre Shakti, struggling to get out from under debt, decides to turn the tables on a common porn meme — gonzo — and shoot it from a woman’s perspective. Will porn be her ticket to financial stability, or will they remain (as the lyrics of the hit single suggest) “broke as fuck”?
Directed by Paul Deeb, 2015 USA, 21 minutes. Stars Ingrid Mouth, Jiz Lee and Sebastian Key; produced by Magnus Sullivan.
Having My Cake
This sumptuous film details a woman’s journey to Paris where she manages to not only have her cake, but eat it as well.
Directed by and stars Morgana Muses, 2015 USA, 21 minutes. Also stars Bishop Black.
Hey, Baby, Hey!
In a feminist utopian fantasy world, street harassment would bring radical queers together, and cat-callers would always get what they deserve...
Directed by and stars Andre Shakti, 2015, USA, 21 minutes. Also stars Joey Minx.
The excitement and tension of business deals can inspire the participants to engage in other, more physical ways.
Directed by Urvashi, 2016, USA, 16 minutes. Stars Angel, Heidi Cruz and Rogue.
The Party
The connection between food and sex in a slightly different form.
Directed by Adrineh Simonian, 2016, Austria, 17 minutes.
Squirt Machine
A film that reshapes the human orgasm with the help of modern technology.
Directed by Alyx Fox, 2016, USA, 12 minutes.
What I Like
Kenya Sweetz falls asleep in her kinky dungeon, only to be awakened and taunted by her sexy roomies Diamond Ortega XXX and Divalicious Lovely.
Directed by Kenya Sweetz, 2016, USA, 14 minutes.
Saturday, March 18 – 7:30 PM
SURRENDER (shorts program)
This collection of shorts touches upon the exquisite moments of letting go, of giving oneself over completely to another. Program includes:
A conductor uses a special instrument to turn a symphony into sexual ecstasy for his bound and blindfolded lover.
Directed by Robin Vada, 2016, USA, 4 minutes. Stars Calico and Samuel Crawford. New York premiere.
La Petite Mort
When a virginal girl follows her lover into a mysterious forest, a twist of fate wrenches them apart forever. The girl struggles to be ever closer to him in this fairytale about sex, death, and pie.
Directed by Elizabeth Jaeleigh Davis, 2016, USA, 9 minutes.
A beautiful, intense weekend with two friends is captured on film, as Morgana experiences her first breath play at the hands of the experienced conscious kink practitioner, Caritia.
Directed by Morgana Muses, 2016, Australia, 17 minutes.
Heimat XXX
Between the awakening of spring and musty oak forests, a Saturnalia of sweaty bodies is summoned.
Directed by Sebastian Dominic Auer, 2016, Germany, 12 minutes.
Dominate Me
“To the woman who’s master of my dreams, I beg: Dominate me.”
Directed by Erika Lust, 2016, Spain, 11 minutes. Stars Bishop Black and Silvia Rubi.
The Erotic Dreams of the Chelsea Hotel
An erotic journey in the legendary Chelsea Hotel, as a mysterious woman is led by a voyeuristic man through a series of sexual experiences involving several eccentric characters.
Directed by Tony Notarberardino & Cassandra Rosebeetle, 2016, USA, 30 minutes. Stars Cassandra Rosebeetle, Ariel Shafir and James Anthony Tropeano III.
Saturday, March 18 – 9:30 PM
Closing Night Film!
Drawing inspiration from film classics such as Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’ and Antonioni’s ‘Blow Up,’ follows freelance photographer and woman-about-town, Charlie, who has her sights set on Danny, an older butch in search of adventure and romance. Just as things are about to click between the two, Charlie accidentally snaps a photo of a murderer, and becomes his new target. With a killer hot on her trail, and a new relationship developing, will Charlie find love — or her own demise?
Directed by Shine Louise Houston, 2016, USA, 66 minutes. Stars Berreta James and Chocolate Chip. US premiere.
preceded by
Two women meet in a B&B along a hutong, or alley, in Beijing. One of them acts unfriendly and bashful, the other is bold and flirty. What will happen when they get closer and closer? Part performance, part documentary, and purportedly the first feminist porn out of China.
Directed by Fan Popo, 2016, China, 19 minutes. World premiere.
SUNDAY, MARCH 19 ******************
Sunday, March 19 – 2:30-5:00 PM
So you wanna make a porno? Or, maybe you're already in the biz and looking to pick up some tips. You're in luck! Award-winning filmmaker Shine Louise Houston (The Crash Pad, SNAPSHOT) presents the tools to put your best foot forward, from setting up your business to editing your shot. A filmmaker who considers sex part of the narrative story, Houston's cinematic style, and decade of experience writing, producing, and distributing adult films are all made available. Come for the porn, stay for the film geekery!
SPECIAL ADMISSION: $25; workshop is not included in CineKink NYC All-Access pass.
LOCATION: Bowery Bliss, lower east side location, address emailed to RSVPs
Sunday, March 19 – 7:00-8:30 PM
Come out and drink a toast to this year's fantastic crop of CineKink filmmakers!
LOCATION: Bowery Bliss, lower east side location, address emailed to RSVPs
Sunday, March 19 – 9:00 PM
One last chance to meet, mix and mingle with fellow CineKinksters, this time in a relaxed play party setting. Snuggle into the sofas, find a private nook or recline across a friendly lap and settle in for one final evening of CineKinky goodness unfolding all around.
Featured works:
How far would you go to be allowed to touch, to kiss, to smell? (You’ll get the chance to find out, with Domme Jaguar in attendance for the screening!) Directed by Domme Jaguar, 2016, 12 minutes.
A descent into the perverted minds of the legendary lesbian kink director, Maria Beatty, and pro-Dominatrix/actor Surgeon, centered around one woman’s experience at the hands of a stylized sex carnival of beauty, torture and carnal delight. Shot on location in the American Southwest, stars a huge cast of circus performers, porn stars, artists, actors, and real life queer lovers.
Directed by Maria Beatty, 2016, USA, 70 minutes. New York premiere. Stars AP, Jessie Sparkles, Jane Doe and Surgeon.
Set in the Australian desert, individual strangers come together as they look for a sexy adventure in a sultry, desolate town.
Directed by Michelle Flynn, 2016, Australia, 59 minutes. US premiere. Stars Laney, Ryan James, Taylor, Lucinda.
SPECIAL ADMISSION: Priority entrance given to CineKink NYC All-Access pass holders. A limited number of advance purchase admissions will be available for $30/individual; $50/couple; $60/triad. No door sales, advance purchase only.
LOCATION: Bowery Bliss, lower east side location, address emailed to pass and ticket-holders.

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