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CINEKINK UPDATE/March 18, 2017 - Saturday... And Beyond
In this edition:
1) Saturday at CineKink
2) CrashCourse: A Porn Production Primer
3) Awards and AfterGlow!
4) Tickets and passes on sale now
5) Support kinky cinema
6) Help get out the word!
7) Brought to you by...
Come find us at Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue, NYC), where we will be Wednesday, March 15 through Saturday, March 18, with several different film and video programs scheduled each day.

(Look for our special advance-purchase ticket, M4Mx2, offering discounted admission to a matinee double-header of SEX AND THE SILVER GAYS + CHURCHROAD!)
** Saturday, March 18 – 1:00 PM
Amidst their flurry of elderly activities, the NYPrimeTimers members also actively participate in monthly sex parties. These octogenarian orgiasts invite us to their intimate gatherings, explicitly illustrate their carnal activities, and explain to us who they are, their own shared histories, and what it means to their lives to share joyful, consensual sexual celebrations together for a long as may be possible. A great lesson for us all! (Directed by Charles Lum & Todd Verow, 2016, USA, 70 minutes.)
More info:
Filmmaker Charles Lum and a whole entourage of NNYPrimeTimers will be in the house for this screening. Be sure to join them!
** Saturday, March 18 – 2:45 PM
US Premiere!
A subculture within Amsterdam nightlife, Club Church offers freedom, unprecedented sex and apparent absence of judgment. Yet exploring the club, the film director finds himself pushing against his own personal boundaries as he explore its liberties, bringing out a side of himself he didn't know existed. Is it healthy and can he deal with this freedom? Robin Vogel bares all in a film about sexual identity, non-monogamy and bridging different worlds. (Directed by Robin Vogel, 2016, The Netherlands, 54 minutes.)
preceded by
Guillaume masturbates too often. Or does he? (Directed by Patrick Aubert, 2017, Canada, 3 minutes. Stars Miguel Doucet and Marc-André Fabi.)
Chase Stewart once had his own successful YouTube channel but his dog, Pithuhua, keeps stealing the show. (Directed by Katherine Sweetman, 2016, USA, 6 minutes.)
Filmmakers Patrick Aubert and Katherine Sweetman will be on hand for a post screening Q&A.
More info:
** Saturday, March 18 – 4:30 PM
BRING IT! (Industry Showcase/Clip Program)
A dazzling array of talent from today's adult cinema, working in a wide range of genres and visual styles, steps up with a hot sampling of their recent creative endeavors. And then YOU pick winner!
This year’s contenders include:
Making a living ain't easy these days, particularly for young creatives in San Francisco. Andre Shakti, struggling to get out from under debt, decides to turn the tables on a common porn meme - gonzo - and shoot it from a woman's perspective. Will porn be her ticket to financial stability, or will they remain (as the lyrics of the hit single suggest) "broke as fuck"? (Directed by Paul Deeb, 2015 USA, 21 minutes. Stars Ingrid Mouth, Jiz Lee and Sebastian Key, with a cameo appearance by producer Magnus Sullivan.)
This sumptuous film details a woman's journey to Paris where she manages to not only have her cake, but eat it as well. (Directed by and stars Morgana Muses, 2015 USA, 21 minutes. Also stars Bishop Black.)
In a feminist utopian fantasy world, street harassment would bring radical queers together, and cat-callers would always get what they deserve...
(Directed by Andre Shakti and Mona Wales, 2015, USA, 21 minutes. Stars Andre Shakti, along with Joey Minx and Geoffrey Millard.)
The excitement and tension of business deals can inspire the participants to engage in other, more physical ways. (Directed by Urvashi, 2016, USA, 16 minutes. Stars Angel, Heidi Cruz and Rogue.)
The connection between food and sex in a slightly different form.
(Directed by Adrineh Simonian, 2016, Austria, 17 minutes.)
A film that reshapes the human orgasm with the help of modern technology.
Directed by Alyx Fox, 2016, USA, 12 minutes.
Kenya Sweetz falls asleep in her kinky dungeon, only to be awakened and taunted by her sexy roomies Diamond Ortega XXX and Divalicious Lovely. (Directed by Kenya Sweetz, 2016, USA, 14 minutes.)
Filmmakers Magnus Sullivan, Urvashi and Kenya Sweeta, along with performers Jiz Lee and Heidi Cruz, will be on hand to generate some extra excitement for their works. Remember, audience vote determines the winner!
More info:
** Saturday, March 18 – 7:30 PM
SURRENDER (shorts program)
This collection of shorts touches upon the exquisite moments of letting go, of giving oneself over completely to another.
A conductor uses a special instrument to turn a symphony into sexual ecstasy for his bound and blindfolded lover. (Directed by Robin Vada, 2016, USA, 4 minutes. Stars Calico and Samuel Crawford. World premiere.)
When a virginal girl follows her lover into a mysterious forest, a twist of fate wrenches them apart forever. The girl struggles to be ever closer to him in this fairytale about sex, death, and pie. (Directed by Elizabeth Jaeleigh Davis, 2016, USA, 9 minutes. New York premiere.)
A beautiful, intense weekend with two friends is captured on film, as Morgana experiences her first breath play at the hands of the experienced conscious-kink practitioner, Caritia. (Directed by Morgana Muses, 2016, Australia, 17 minutes. US premiere)
Between the awakening of spring and musty oak forests, a Saturnalia of sweaty bodies is summoned. (Directed by Sebastian Dominic Auer, 2016, Germany, 12 minutes.)
"To the woman who’s master of my dreams, I beg: Dominate me."
(Directed by Erika Lust, 2016, Spain, 11 minutes. Stars Bishop Black and Silvia Rubi. US premiere.)
An erotic journey in the legendary Chelsea Hotel, as a mysterious woman is led by a voyeuristic man through a series of sexual experiences involving several eccentric characters. (Directed by Tony Notarberardino & Cassandra Rosebeetle, 2016, USA, 30 minutes. Stars Cassandra Rosebeetle, Ariel Shafir and James Anthony Tropeano III. World premiere.)
Filmmakers Elizabeth Jaeleigh Davis & Daniel Jossmann (La Petite Mort) and Tony Notarberardino & Cassandra Rosebeetle (Erotic Dreams of the Chelsea Hotel) will join us, with some of their cast and crew, to discuss their works.
Note: we are currently sold out on this program, but will release another batch of tickets at 3 pm today. Following that, tickets will be available on a rush basis at the door. Pass holders are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes early to secure a seat. (Exciting!)
More info:
** Saturday, March 18 – 9:30 PM
US Premiere - Closing Night Film!
Drawing inspiration from film classics such as Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' and Antonioni's 'Blow Up,' SNAPSHOT follows freelance photographer and woman-about-town, Charlie, who has her sights set on Danny, an older butch in search of adventure and romance. Just as things are about to click between the two, Charlie accidentally snaps a photo of a murderer, and becomes his new target. With a killer hot on her trail, and a new relationship developing, will Charlie find love - or her own demise? (Directed by Shine Louise Houston, 2016, USA, 66 minutes. Stars Berreta James and Chocolate Chip.)
preceded by
Two women meet in a B&B along a hutong, or alley, in Beijing. One of them acts unfriendly and bashful, the other is bold and flirty. What will happen when they get closer and closer? Part performance, part documentary, and purportedly the first feminist porn out of China. (Directed by Fan Popo, 2016, China, 19 minutes. World premiere.)
Filmmakers Shine Louise Houston, Jiz Lee and Fan Popo will join us for a post-screening Q&A.
Sunday, 3/19 2-5 pm
So you wanna make a porno? Or, maybe you're already in the biz and looking to pick up some tips. You're in luck! Award-winning filmmaker Shine Louise Houston (The Crash Pad, SNAPSHOT) presents the tools to put your best foot forward, from setting up your business to editing your shot. A filmmaker who considers sex part of the narrative story, Houston's cinematic style, and decade of experience writing, producing, and distributing adult films are all made available. Come for the porn, stay for the film geekery! (Admission is $25, not included in the CineKink NYC All-Access pass. Location: Bowery Bliss)
More info:
CineKink Awards - Sunday, 3/19 @ 7:00-8:30 pm
Drink a toast to this year's fantastic crop of CineKink filmmakers and enjoy the presentation of our annual awards! Who will take home the CineKinky?!
(FREE, but RSVP required. Location: Bowery Bliss)
More info:
CineKink AfterGlow Party - Sunday, 3/19 @ 9:00 pm
You'll definitely want to make plans for our popular AfterGlow Party, one last chance to meet, mix and mingle with your fellow CineKinksters and enjoy a few more select screenings, this time in a relaxed play party setting. Lounge on the sofas, find yourself a private nook or recline across someone’s lap and settle in for one final evening of CineKinky goodness unfolding all around you. (Please note that a limited number of advance purchase admissions -- $30/individuals, $50/couples, $60/triads -- will be released, space permitting; priority VIP admission will be given to CineKink NYC All-Access Pass holders. Location: Bowery Bliss)
More info:
Save big with a discounted CineKink NYC All-Access Pass, including admission to all regular film programs, PLUS the (to be rescheduled) Kick-Off Gala, the Awards Celebration and - priority VIP entrance to! - the AfterGlow Party. Price is $85/general admission; $65/students & seniors; $45/CineKinksters and Friends w/Benefits!
Individual movie tickets are $11; $8 seniors & students.
For more info and to buy now:
A donation of just $50 gets your name and URL listed in the CINEKINKSTER area of our website. An annual level of support created for individuals and small businesses, it's a great way to help out and get yourself noticed.
Or if you prefer to skip the kudos, we'd love to have you as a FRIEND W/BENEFITS for a $30 donation!
You can support kinky cinema at:
We want to spread the CineKinky goodness throughout the land and would love your help in getting out the news to other likely aficionados.
If you're on Facebook, the CineKink NYC festivities are posted at:
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Thanks, if you can, for spreading the word!
Many, many sincere thanks to the sponsors of CineKink NYC/2017 for their help in keeping us vital! They include Bowery Bliss and njoy, along with Purple Passion, plus Leather Archives & Museum, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Pleasure Salon.
If you have the opportunity, please join us in thanking them for their support of CineKink NYC - and of sex-positive and kink-friendly film and video overall.
And if you'd like to join them, we always welcome new sponsors. Come on board - we'd love to have you!

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