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CINEKINK UPDATE - March 23, 2017/CineKink NYC "It's A Wrap!" Edition
In this edition:
1) And the winner is...
2) CineKink pics online
3) The closing credits
4) Brought to you by...
5) Withdrawals? Here, have some fun!
6) But wait, there's more!
A look back at a fantastic CineKink NYC and so much gratitude to all who made it possible.
Rounding out multiple days of screenings and parties in our thirteenth annual appearance, we announced a range of awards during the CineKink NYC closing celebrations held on Sunday, March 19, 2017.
Many thanks to all of our filmmakers... and congrats to this year's winners!
CineKink Choice awards, which go to feature-length works in competition during the festival, were determined by audience balloting at the close of each eligible work's screening. The 2017 award winners are:
CineKink Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature:
Snapshot (Directed by Shine Louise Houston, 2016, USA, 66 minutes.)
CineKink Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature:
Directed by Charles Lum & Todd Verow, 2016, USA, 70 minutes.
CineKink Best awards, which go to short works in competition during the festival, were determined by jury deliberation and ranking. The 2017 award winners are:
CineKink Best Dramatic Short:
The Erotic Dreams of the Chelsea Hotel (Directed by Tony Notarberardino & Cassandra Rosebeetle, 2016, USA, 30 minutes.)
CineKink Best Comedy Short:
Like Totally Hot Couple Seeking Same (Directed by Marcel Simoneau & Kirsten Russell, 2015, USA, 17 minutes.)
CineKink Best Documentary Short:
By The People: 25 Years Of Community Archiving at Leather Archives & Museum (Directed by Christina Court, 2016, USA, 39 minutes.)
CineKink Best Animated Short:
Tabook (Directed by Dario van Vree, 2016, The Netherlands, 3 minutes.)
CineKink Best Musical Short:
Folsom Street (Directed by Aron Kantor, 2015, USA, 6 minutes.)
CineKink Honorable Best Mentions:
Four Day Weekend (Directed by Nicole Jones, 2016, USA, 20 minutes.)
The Hutong Vibe (Directed by Fan Popo, 2016, China, 19 minutes.)
Trinity (Directed by Ms. Naughty, 2017, USA, 6 minutes.)
The CineKink "Bring It!" award is determined by audience ballot during a presentation of short works and excerpts showcasing adult cinema.
BRING IT! Award 2017:
Merger (Directed by Urvashi, 2016, USA, 16 minutes.)
Festival Award for Extraordinary Depiction of Kink and Sex-Positivity in Mainstream Film/Television:
CineKink Tribute/2017:
Deadpool (Director Tim Miller; 20th Century Fox)
Honorable Mentions:
Not Safe with Nikki Glaser (Creator Nikki Glaser; Comedy Central)
Easy (Creator Joe Swanberg; Netflix)
20th Century Women (Writer/director Mike Mills; A24)
Whether you're longing to relive the glory of CineKink NYC - or see all that you missed!
CineKink NYC
CineKink Awards
And a select collection on Facebook. Find yourself and tag away!
With recognition also to the always too numerous to mention producers, writers, crews and casts of each great piece, we were very honored to have in our 2017 CineKink NYC line-up the works of the following directors:
David Abramsky
Sebastian Dominic Auer
Maria Beatty
Taylor Bennett
Emily Best
Pandora Blake
Anna Brownfield
Jérôme Clément-Wilz
Christina Court
Elizabeth Jaeleigh Davis
Paul Deeb
Nara Denning
Thomas Florek
Michelle Flynn
Alyx Fox
Ben Fritz
Kristin Heckler
Shine Louise Houston
Nicole Jones
Jesse James
Domina Jaguar
Lo Liddell
The Linguist
Charles Lum
Erika Lust
Lilith Luxe
Vile Mae
Morgana Muses
Ms. Naughty
Tony Notarberardino
Fan Popo
Cassandra Rosebeetle
Kirsten Russell
Margie Schnibbe
Steven Shainberg
Andre Shakti
Marcel Simoneau
Adrineh Simonian
Jan Soldat
Katherine Sweetman
Kenya Sweetz
Danny Tayara
Robin Vada
Dario van Vree
Todd Verow
Mona Wales
Along with the fine folks at the filmmaking collaborative, Teddi Bare, who created the CineKink 2017 "Nasty Women" festival bumper, and Bill C., who went beyond the call of duty in pulling together the year's in-house promo reels.
Festival Jurors:
F. Leonora Solomon, Viviane Tang, Bill Woods
Staff Photographer:
For documenting our various hijinks and making sure we appear in the best light possible...much love to Stacie Joy with her amazing still photography!
Festival Operations and Hospitality:
And, of course, the festival would not have been possible without the work of a fine cadre of volunteers. Their efforts ran a wide and critical range - planning, advising, arranging and publicizing, schlepping and posting, ticket tearing and ushering, informing, schmoozing and hosting. Many, infinite thanks to... Ashleigh, Brad, Bill C., Patricia C., Susan Degnan, Joshua Hightower, Jane, Jess, Alan Levy, Lola, Melissa, John Pepper, Reuben, Mark M., Mark S., Saffron, Elizabeth Sheehan, Sherri, F. Leonora Solomon, Missy Stark, Dizzy Swank, Kenya Sweetz, Tom, Topaz and Yeiry.
For coordinating a sure-to-be bang-up kick-off gala, which will be rescheduled to a later date after a weather cancellation, Lola CherryCola and Selina Fire, with burlesque curation by Porno Jim.
Many thanks also to John Mhiripiri, Jed Rapfogel, Kolbe Resnick, Bradley Eros and all of the staff at Anthology Film Archives!
Awards and AfterGlow:
Thanks to the wonderful Bowery Bliss for hosting our festive awards ceremony...AND our infamous AfterGlow. And extra thanks to those adventurous sorts who ventured out for one last night of wild abandon!
Again, our very sincere thanks to the sponsors and partners of CineKink NYC/2017 for their help in keeping us vital!
Bowery Bliss (
njoy (
Purple Passion (
Leather Archives & Museum (
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (
Pleasure Salon (http://
If you have the opportunity, please join us in thanking them for their support of CineKink NYC - and of sex-positive and kink-friendly film and video overall!
We miss you, too! Fortunately, there are glittery distractions on the horizon...
Kitten N' Lou HOLIER THAN THOU / Friday, March 31st @ Joe's Pub
Let's get biblical! Fresh from a smash run at Fringe World in Australia, everyone's favorite gay-married superduo drag darlings return to NYC with a brand new glitter bomb of award-winning dance, irreverent striptease, and surreal campy magic that’s been called "BRILLIANTLY DERANGED" by Time Out NY. Expect to be converted and shouting "YAS GAWD!"
More info/tix:

Stayed tuned to this space for news on upcoming CineKink NYC encore screenings, tour dates and other cinematic enticements!
And be sure to watch for updates on our CineKink filmmaker alumni, along with information on what sex-positive and kink-friendly programming is available on video/DVD/online and where you can get it!
We'll be including that info here - and also at our various online outposts:
In closing then - many, many thanks again to our filmmakers, our sponsors, our advertisers, our volunteers - and mostly especially, to you, our audience, for being a part of the CineKink community. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm you've given to CineKink.
Thank you!
Lisa Vandever
Co-Founder & Director, CineKink

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