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In this edition:
1) CineKink Kick-Off Gala Redux...thanks!
2) ‘Watching Porn: A Feminist Look at Adult Entertainment’
3) Other goings on...
Thanks so much to everyone who came out for last week's fundraising shindig. Not only did we all have a marvelous time, but the event brought in $1,081 to help support our sex-positive and kink-friendly programming. Mixing and mashing for a good cause!
Up on the stage, we're so grateful that Witti Repartee was our MC with the mostest, while Mary Cyn, Clara Coquette and Anja Keister bared nearly all with amazing grace and sensuality. Thanks also to Lolita Wolf, Veronica Vera, N1, Infinity Rising and Martyn Fire for donating their immense talents to our sensation stations, and allowing our guests to whet some kinky cravings. And so much appreciation to all the volunteers who made the evening possible, including and especially Lola CherryCola, Selina Fire and Stacie Joy for their many hours devoted to planning and producing the gala.
For a look at the fun:
And again, sincere thanks to the sponsors of CineKink NYC/2017 for their help in keeping us vital! They include Bowery Bliss and njoy, along with Purple Passion, plus Leather Archives & Museum, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Pleasure Salon.
If you weren't able to join us - or if you'd like to make an additional donation - please consider becoming a CineKinkster or a Friend with Benefits.
Your support helps make us happen:

CineKink's Lisa Vandever will moderate a panel discussion on feminism and porn to celebrate the publication of Lynsey G's new book, 'Watching Porn: A Feminist Look at Adult Entertainment.'
Lynsey G. never guessed her life as a writer would lead her to the porn industry, but with a B.A. in English literature and no money in her pocket, she found herself writing a review of the film "East Coast ASSault" for an adult magazine. It was official: she was a porn journalist. What was supposed to be a temporary job ended up becoming a career she found so intriguing that she co-founded WHACK! Magazine so she could share her insights on the adult film world.
In addition to Lynsey G, the panel will feature Cindy Gallop, CEO and founder of IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn, Mahx Capacity, creator/director of AORTA Films, and Sinnamon Love, retired performer, activist, and author.
Tuesday, June 6 - 7 pm
Strand Books
828 Broadway, NYC
Admission: Buy a copy of 'Watching Porn' or a $15 gift card to attend
More info/advance RSVP:

** The Deuce / Split Screens Festival (NYC)
This brand new television festival premieres the pilot episode of HBO's eagerly anticipated New York period drama about the rise of the porn industry in and around Times Square in the 1970s. Series producer and co-star, Maggie Gyllenhaal, will attend the screening, along with pilot director Michelle MacLaren and series co-creator George Pelecanos.
Friday, June 2 / 7:00 pm at IFC
More info:
** Split Screens Festival (NYC)
Also look for festival programs focusing on the Showtime series 'Billions,' with an appearance by Asia Kate Dillon and a discussion of TV's first gender non-binary character, and also a look at the Starz series 'The Girlfriend,' including a conversation with co-creators Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz.
Festival line-up:
** Pleasure Salon (NYC)
A regular gathering of the pleasure-positive community takes place the first Monday of every month at The Delancey. Next is June 5th, Lynsey G will read from her new book (see above!):
** Porno Jim's Orgiastic Wednesday (NYC)
An erotic insurgency geared towards the poly and swinger communities hosted guessed it, Porno Jim. Every Wednesday at Pendulum:

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