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CineKink NYC – Festival Volunteers – as of March 19
One last day!
Still need a couple of people to tend bar tonight during the AfterGlow party. And I’ve added a couple of slots for folks to help us with breakdown at the end of the evening.
If you have a friend who would like to get in to the party for free tonight, send them our way!
**SUNDAY, MARCH 19 ***
Location: Bowery Bliss, 158 Bowery, 2nd floor
Shift good for free admission to the workshop.
Tech/Set-Up #1 1:00-2:00: Patti C
Tech/Set-Up #2 1:00-2:00: Mr. Chunkman
Workshop Assistant: 2:00-5:00: Miles
**PARTY - SUNDAY, 3/19
Awards Celebration + Afterglow Party
Location: Bowery Bliss, 158 Bowery, 2nd floor
Pick-Up Food & Bev: Susie Q
Set-Up #1 5:30-7:00: Mr. Chunkman
Set-Up #2 5:30-7:00: Ashleigh
Lighting Set-Up: Dizzy
Door 6:30-8:30: Topaz
Door 7:30-9:30: Kenya Sweetz
Door 8:30-10:30: Saffron
Bartender 6:45-8:45: F. Leonora
Bartender: 8:30-10:00: John Pepper
Bartender 9:45-11:00: Dizzy Swank
Bartender 10:45-12:00: NEED
Bartender 11:45-1:00: NEED
Breakdown: midnight-1:00 NEED
Breakdown: midnight-1:00 NEED
AfterGlow volunteers receive comp admission to that event.
Party Bartender – pretty simple. Just keep track of people’s BYOB bottles, then very basic bartending, ie ice, mixer. No crazy concoctions!

Thank you!!!!!

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