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CineKink Volunteers / Kick-Off Gala Redux!!
As you'll likely recall, we had to cancel the CineKink NYC kick-off gala due to a blizzard.
We've rescheduled the event for May 23rd and are looking at the party as a great launch for our national tour and fundraising drive...AND a big night for fun.
And we're looking for a few volunteers to help out!
If you're interested in helping out, please reply to this email (address and indicate which shifts/positions you'd definitely like to work. If possible, also provide a cell # where you can be reached in case there's a problem.
We'll send out an updated version of this schedule regularly, so check back for your confirmed slots on the next version.
The following volunteer positions are available:
Kick-Off Gala Redux- 8:00 pm to midnight
@ M-15 Lounge, 52 Walker St. (bet. Church & Broadway)
Tech Support #1 7:30 call:
(Support music/digital file playback during performances and films.)
Performer Wrangler #1 7:30 call:
Performer Wrangler #2 7:30 call:
(greet performers and assist as needed)
Load-in/Set-Up 6:30-8:00:
Load-in/Set-Up - 6:30-8:00:
Load-in/Set-Up Lighting - 6:30-8:00:
Door #1 - 7:30-9:00:
Door #2 - 7:30-9:00:
Door #1 - 9:00-10:30:
Raffle Ticket Sales - 8:00-9:30:
Raffle Ticket Sales - 8:00-9:30:
Raffle Ticket Sales - 9:30-10:30:
Raffle Ticket Sales - 9:30-10:30:
Also, any help getting out the word is most definitely appreciated. Please RSVP/share wherever you can!
Facebook event:
Fetlife event:
CineKink website:

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