CineKink welcomes press and film industry attendance/coverage at most screenings and events.

To receive credentials, please contact us at the address below, providing the following information:

  • name
  • affiliation
  • professional status (press, distributor, programmer/curator)
  • email address
  • phone
  • dates attending festival
  • for press: website and/or links to representative/relevant coverage + indication of audience reach
  • .
    Note that we can’t guarantee access to every screening/event. Press/industry tickets will be released on a same-day only basis at our box office, depending upon availability.

    Requests for CineKink NYC/2023 must be received by August 1, 2023.

    Email to: press2023 [at] cinekink [dot] com


    photography policy

    Please be aware that we require advance request for any photography to take place at any CineKink screenings/events and there may be some spaces/events at which photography is prohibited altogether.

    We ask that you respect the privacy and comfort of our guests during the event, and refrain from photographing anyone without their consent.

    Photo coverage of our past events can be found on our Flickr page. Unless otherwise noted, photos should be credited “photo by Stacie Joy, courtesy of CineKink.”