Make It Work

A set of shorts that move beyond the tropes, taking a closer look at those whose work just happens to involve sex.

Red Fried District
In a snack automat, a young, naive croquette has to compete with an experienced, bitchy cheese soufflé to persuade a hungry customer that she’s the most tasty snack.
Animated/directed by Flip van der Kuil and Stephan Miras, The Netherlands, 2 minutes.
Writers: Flip van der Kuil, Stephan Miras.
Producers: Michael Visser, Joris van Seggelen, Jack Kuiper

Gloryhole Theater: The NDA
A trans sex worker tells about signing an NDA for a hypocritical client.
Directed by Koomah, 2022, USA, 3 minutes. New York premiere.

House of Whoreship
When Violet, a suburban brothel worker returns to work after enduring a break-up, she is confronted by her recent ex-girlfriend hustling the same shift.
Directed by Holly Laura Bates, 2022, Australia, 16 minutes. Stars Matisse Laida, Isabelle Ford, Sasha Hennequin, Jessica May and Sarah Fitzgerald. US premiere.
Writer: Holly Laura Bates
Producers: Holly Laura Bates, Kristen Augeard

All Appetite
After a lifetime of wanting to be skinny, Heather’s world is turned upside down when she falls for a man who pushes her to gain weight for him.
Directed by Marissa High, 2022, USA, 16 minutes. Stars Jane Cripe, Arya Haeri, Allie Demico and Jessica Clemons. New York premiere.
Producer: Jane Cripe

Flyby Cathy
In 1981, English porn actress Kathy Harcourt mysteriously disappeared from the United States. Forty years later, a story unfolds from an old 35mm copy of the last film she starred in.
Directed by Pedro Bastos, 2023, Portugal, 10 minutes. US premiere.
Producer: Rodrigo Areias

Woman Meets Girl
As cocktails lead to revealing conversation, chemistry builds between Annabelle, an awkward in her own skin, forty-two-year-old woman and Tessie, an extroverted, eighteen-year-old sex worker.
Directed by Murry Peeters, 2022, Canada, 17 minutes. Stars Enuka Okuma and Chelsea Russell. New York premiere.
Writer: Murry Peeters
Producers: Enuka Okuma, Joe Gasparik, Adria Budd Johnson

Rituals: An Intimate Portrait of Kali Sudhra
Shot during the isolation of the pandemic, this explicit documentary invites you into Kali’s home in Barcelona and offers a more intimate look at her life behind closed doors. See how she connects to herself both sexually and emotionally through daily ritiuals, nourishing the most important erotic relationship she has, the one with herself.
Directed by Kali Sudhra and Aleix Rodón, 2020, Spain, 15 minutes. World festival premiere.
Writer: Kali Sudhra
Producers: Kali Sudhra, Aleix Rodón

date & time:
Sunday, August 6 – 3:00 PM
+ virtual encores
The Wild Project
195 E. 3rd Street (bet. B & A), NYC
$20; $15/seniors & students, $12/CineKink members
18 and over only.

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