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schnick schnack schnuckA refreshingly up-to-date and sun-dappled homage to 1970s porn, this charming farce combines explicit depictions with a playful take on sex and jealousy, love and relationships, monogamy and polyamory.

Here‘s the skinny: Felix plans to spend the weekend at a music festival in Amsterdam with his buddy, Kai. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Emmi, ought to stay home and grade papers. But commitment is not exactly Kai‘s strongest suit, and then Emmi‘s high school friend, Magda, turns up with some intriguing revelations and a party in the works.

Naturally, things get a little out of hand—and everybody is naked in the end!

Directed by Maike Brochhaus, 2015, Germany, 84 minutes. US premiere. Stars Jana Sue Zuckerberg, Felix Anderson, Elia Légère, Jenz, Dana, Lotta Habmut and Sören. » watch trailer


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