sex & monsters


Queen Kong

An exploration of the darker desires lurking deep inside…and in the woods.


French director Pauline Sala is dismayed that another filmmaker will be sharing her hotel room in order to save a fledgling film festival some money. This strange woman has a secret that Pauline will soon learn, however, and surely won’t ever forget. Directed by David Brundige, 2017, USA, 7 minutes. Stars Rhian Rees and Julia Swain.

sell your body

A med-school dropout in crippling student debt swipes a wild couple on a dating app to make some fast cash. Directed by Jaanelle Yee, 2017, USA, 11 minutes. Stars Nadira Foster-Williams, Pauline Sherrow and Menuhin Hart.

eggs, zombies, and bacon

After an unexpected one-night-stand, Rachel is now awkwardly trapped in the house with last night’s lover because… well, zombies. Directed by Sherry-Yiyang Shi, 2016, USA, 14 minutes. Stars Lexy McAvenchy and Hannah Wood.

demon pills

A lesbian couple welcomes a demon into the mix just to spice things up.
Directed by Kira Bursky, 2017, USA, 7 minutes.


A cult of women summons a demon, but one rogue member gets in the way of their plans.
Directed by David Mikalson, 2017, USA, 9 minutes. Stars Anna Seregina and Davey Johnson.

ornament of beauty

A beautiful maiden is forced to confront the slanderous voices that torment her from the shadows.
Directed by Andy Fortenbacher, 2017, USA 4 minutes. Co-written/co-produced by and stars Stephanie Sellars, with Juan Paredes. » watch trailer

queen kong

A smartly-dressed man and woman are trying to have sex behind a tree. In the distance is the music of a party. She’s beautiful and he’s too drunk and the persistent ringing of his phone breaks the mood. The interlude goes unconsummated, until Queen Kong steps in.
Directed by Monica Strambini, 2016, Italy, 20 minutes. Stars Valentina Nappi, Luca Lionello and Janina Rudenska. (Pictured, above)

the monster

Elena noticed it when she was eight years old: she got a strange sensation in her body when she saw blood. In her teens the fascination became a part of her sexuality, and the longing for it grew even stronger. As an adult, Elena still hides the desire from her family, and tries to control it, but the more she fights it, the louder it screams. A documentary about acceptance and confronting your fears.
Directed by Johan Palmgren and Lisa Gustafsson, 2016, Sweden, 29 minutes.

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