Get Off!

Get Off: Eyes on Dulce
 Eyes on Dulce

A set of lusty shorts explores pleasuring… self and otherwise!

Pussy Love
Romance is kitsch. But even the most jaded cat can still be lost for love.
Directed by Linda Krauss, 2023, Germany, 4 minutes. Stars Lisanne-Marie Hadi.
Writer & Producer: Linda Krauss

Call Me
Color me your color, baby.
Directed by Charles Lum and Todd Verow, 2023, USA, 2 minutes.

I Miss Your Cock
Love story: Tumblr helps ease the pain of losing you.
Directed by Margie Schnibbe, 2022, USA, 4 minutes.

Gloryhole Theater: Storage Unit
A trans man tells of a secret storage unit and its connection to an anonymous hookup.
Directed by Koomah, 2023, USA, 3 minutes.

Jelqing for Gains
This is how you get big.
Directed by T. Arthur Cottam, 2022, 7 minutes. Stars Jessica Amal-Rice.

The Proof is in The Pudding
Determined to provide a cake for a vegan birthday party, Milly and Lise discover an unusual recipe.
Directed by Suçon, 2022, France, 16 minutes.

More Than A Feeling
A diverse cross-section of queer people describe discovering the joys of self-pleasure for the first time.
Directed by Dave Quantic, 2022, USA, 6 minutes.

Eyes on Dulce
After catching you peeping from the closet, Dulce exposes you for the filthy voyeur that you are, forcing you to watch as she pleasures herself.
Directed by Mahx Capacity, 2022, USA, 10 minutes. Stars Dulce Fuego.

Set and shot in March 2021 during the time of curfews and quarantine, an unlikely mixture of genres: rom-com, gay porn, and what Germans like to call “Heimatfilm.”
Directed by Alexander Janson, 2022, Germany, 11 minutes. Stars Otto Untertage, Popo Chanel and Queen P.

Mindful Pleasure
An exploration of mindfulness, body positivity and pleasure.
Directed by Inka Winter, 2022, USA, 24 minutes. Stars Daisy de la Montana.

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