Jan 192010

>We’re excited to offer the possibility of a first-time Dark Odyssey adventure to a lucky pair of CineKink fans!


As a participating group, we’ve been given TWO extra tickets to the sexy organization’s next event – Winter Fire – taking place February 26-28 in Washington, DC.

One of our favorite gatherings, you can expect:

* An amazing line up of nationally-known presenters, including sex educators, BDSM masters, top-notch Tantra teachers, relationship experts, and award-winning authors, activists, and community leaders
* Over 60 unique, dynamic workshops on identity, sex, relationships, swinging, polyamory, BDSM, Tantra, spirituality, and lots more
* Special events including a banquet dinner featuring the fabulous The Wet Spots, nightly parties, incredible vendors and, of course, a huge, fully equipped dungeon and other intimate play spaces.

All taking place in the comfort and luxury of a beautiful host hotel located in the heart of downtown Washington, DC – and we’d like to give you the chance to be in the thick of it!

To qualify to win, you must:

* Never have previously attended a Dark Odyssey event

* Be a current CineKink Updates subscriber (if you’re not one, you can sign up right here! )

* Send an email to cinekink2010 at cinekink dot com, with “I was a DO virgin!” in the subject line.

* Include preferred email address and/or phone # and/or Twitter name for us to contact you via, should you be a winner.

All entries must be received by 11 pm (et) of Friday, January 29th.

UPDATE: deadline extended until 11 pm (et) of SATURDAY, January 30th!

Winner will be selected at random and receive TWO tickets to the event. Travel, hotel, meals and any other expenses are not included.

And if you’re not a virgin? You can still get a slightly discounted rate by selecting CineKink as your participating group when registering!

Oct 012009

>More polyamory in the mainstream of late. First up, on Parks and Recreation, Leslie meets April’s boyfriend… and April’s boyfriend’s boyfriend. He’s gay for him, but straight for her and well, you know.

(Hat-tip Practical Polyamory)

And next, writer Jenny Block, author of Open: Love, Sex and Life, introduces the concept of polyamory to a less accepting (and real-life) audience. Wearing a brazen red dress, she appears at a Texas church–and holds her own–discussing the relationship she has with her husband and girlfriend on “Nightline Face-Off: Born to Cheat?

Sep 152009

>Slightly lost in the ongoing hub-bub over Kayne West’s outburst on the Music Video Awards, this week MTV True Life premiered an episode, “I’m Polyamorous,” that follows young polyamorous sorts in both NYC and the Carolinas.

Diana Adams, one of these sorts, writes of the experience:

The decision to share my polyamorous life with millions of people on MTV is scary because being non-monogamous is taboo. I don’t think polyamory is right for everyone, and I respect monogamous relationships, but I’ve found that having more than one partner is really right for me. I am telling my story so that young people will realize that there are many choices in relationships, love, and family style. Breaking the rules about what love should look like and sharing that with the world is risky, but being fearlessly open to the world also feels incredibly freeing!


Shortly available online, the episode will be airing on MTV throughout the month and posts from those featured in the show will appear on the blog for the series. Take a look, leave your comments, share with the world what’s worked for you–or not–in polyamory!

Aug 292008

>Between last week’s visit home with family and the past few days indulging a consuming fetish for national politics, we’ve been too distracted to think much about sex and/or movies.

Time to put a stop to that! This weekend we’ll finally catch up with Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the latest from Woody Allen and, from some of the buzz of it, a likely candidate for the next CineKink Tribute. Or, at very worst, a little time spent in the dark watching pretty people making out in pretty places:

Also on deck for tonight, the next-to-last installment of Swingtown, the series that seems to get better and better with each episode, even as fears of its imminent demise continue to swirl.

Granted, that’s a lot of laboring for one weekend, but hopefully we’ll get through it!