Dec 042008

>While we were more than a little disappointed that the latest Bond installation, Quantum of Solace, didn’t feature a reprise scene of a naked Daniel Craig tied to a chair, we at least found that our renowned appetite for men-in-suits was, er, suitably sated.

And additional solace was discovered in the beguiling form of two new Bond “girls.” Gemma Arterton as the perkily British Agent Fields, whose – spoiler alert – ultimate denouement is recounted pictorally by Violet Blue. And the sultry Olga Kurylenka who, also via Violet, talks below about her role in the French thriller, The Serpent, and her enjoyment of taking part in the movie’s graphic and detailed bondage scenes:

Oct 102008

>Mazel tov to one of our favorite CineKinksters, Lolita Wolf, for her prize-winning suggestion in Violet Blue‘s recent competition to determine the best sex-related ad campaign. Lolita’s entry, last year’s “Dominate Winter” interactive campaign for the Cooper Mini, which featured a cat-suit clad dominatrix encouraging the user to put the car through its paces.


Violet’s criteria for the competition were pretty inclusive – by “sex-related I mean just downright sexy and hot, or incredibly clever, controversial, or just plain fun” – and a slew of tasty examples can be found in both the comments to that post and in her follow-up announcing the winners. (Both of which we’ve bookmarked and will be pillaging far into the future.)

And this week, Violet moves on to the question of whether sex can actually sell a product, bringing in AdRant‘s Scott Hall to ruminate with her on how much of it’s a help and how much of it is just hype and sizzle.

Well, we’re not sure how many Aspvik units it helped move. And we’re way late for Violet’s deadline. But for our money, our all-time favorite sex-related – and sex-positive! – ad continues to be Ikea’s Neighbors.

Scratch that. We totally want an Aspvik, now!

Jul 292008

>There are definitely a few more significant issues we might ponder. The Child Online Protection Act (COPA) was struck down again, as an appeals court upheld last year’s ruling by a federal judge that the act is “overbroad and unconstitutional.” And an entirely different appeals court just tossed out the FCC fine that was once levied across Janet Jackson’s infamously bare nipple.

But it’s hot and it’s sticky. And we’d just as soon sit here in the dark a/c, looking at sexy women in our underwear. Or their underwear, rather.

We’re not sure if this is actually provocative or our worst freshman gym class nightmare finally realized…but enjoy!

(Snagged from Violet Blue, whose post on sex in advertising could have us procrastinatingresearching examples for days to come!)

Jul 142008

>Sincere thanks to everyone who came out for CineKink: San Francisco! It’s always nice to sell out a show, but even moreso when the crowd is so enthusiastic and involved.

It was also a treat having so much talent in the house, with Midori taking time out of her busy Rope Dojo weekend to make an appearance after Silken Sleeves, and filmmakers Westland Armitage, Tanya Bezreh, Steve Gatlin, Michelle Johnson and Madison Young joining us for some compelling post-screening discussions.

And we’ll be headed home with more wonderful new blurbs for the collection!

CineKink: The thinking person’s traveling erotic film fest – Violet Blue, Open Source Sex
I’m so very excited that CineKink is this weekend here in San Francisco — and the refined, indy, edgy traveling eroto-porn film fest might be coming to a major city near you. If it does, don’t miss it.

Rated X-static – Michael Fox, SF Weekly
An orgy of celebration more than titillation, the six programs shine a flattering light on real people and real sex, with an endearing splash of art and humor.

CineKink: More FlavorFlavorpill
Whether you’re crazy for leather, proudly polyamorous, or you just like to watch, CineKink’s popular, perverse film series educates while it titillates.

Thanks again to Joel Shepard, Calvin Souther and everyone else at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. See you next year!

Jul 142008

>While we generally prefer to think of Sundance as the PG-13 rated CineKink, we’re always a sucker for the sight of our name in print, plus an opportunity to wax rhapasodic about our favorite subject… kinky cinema!

Have Highbrow Porn, Will Travel
Violet Blue investigates CineKink, the X-rated Sundance
SF Gate
… they do make good porn; it’s just not terribly easy to find amid all the noise and hype, online and off — let alone the kind of erotic cinema that film fans would dig (or get off to). That’s where Lisa Vandever comes in. A producer and consultant with more than fifteen years’ experience in film and television, Vandever founded the nationally touring, sexually explicit (and very popular) film festival CineKink in 2002. The festival selects, awards and tours sex-positive, edgy and, especially, arousing film and television selections from mainstream porn to indies, Hollywood and beyond.

Read more

Thanks, Violet!