Nov 112008


Somehow escaping notice in our post-election haze was the closing of the Pioneer Theater, a venerable Lower East Side institution and home to our monthly CineKink screening series for a brief but happy duration.

Reportedly another victim of rising real estate costs in the neighborhood, the theater held its final screening on Halloween night and a send-off gathering last Friday. While we didn’t make it to the last shindig, we’re proud to have a prominent presence in the Pioneer’s round-up of testimonials, an inscription left by one of our movie-goers, Maritess, posted here verbatim since we’re not sure how long it will last anywhere else:

Saw “Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm” in the “Cine-kink” festival with other “cutting edge” films like…”My Pussy is Magic” (WTF?) and other questionably artistic films. Thank God for the Pioneer Theater, this was Sprinkle’s NYC movie premiere, which is surprising because it was such a great film, made in 2004.

A few of the artists in the festival (except for Annie Sprinkle–boo!) held a Q and A afterwards, which was amusing because the audience was clearly stimulated, people shifting in seats, couples making out.While in this state, I thanked GOD for the surprising lack of super-creepy guys watching this flick alone, the audience was comprised of intellectual pervs like me, with a facade of decorum and sophistication, masking public porno watching with academic curiosity.

Although it is a tiny theater, the seats were in great shape, cushy, clean, so unlike what I would expect a clearly non profit independent theater to be like.

The staff is soooo nice, laid back and friendly. Even the concession stand looks friendly, ,mostly because it is not the cookie cutter concession stands of the corporate movie cineplexes. Hooray for independent film houses!

Hooray–and adieu!

Feb 132008

>Last night, as part of our Valentine’s Ode to the Orgasm, we were supposed to screen Kirby Ferguson‘s climactic video, Come Together (or Come Apart). Unfortunately, due to technical circumstances that might have actually been within our control were we not also in the midst of yet another Mercury in retrograde, we were unable to do so.

So, as promised to those very intrepid souls who braved a blustery mix of rain and snow to pack the Pioneer Theater – and for the rest of you pussies who stayed home, all cozy and warm – here it is!

Kirby is, of course, a two-time CineKink alum, whose previous offerings with us include last festival’s award-winning Do You Take It…? and the very popular Polly Wally in 2005.

Feb 122008

>Get out of the cold and heat up real quick with our Valentine’s ode to the sweet miracles of the orgasm. Then just a brisk skip around the corner for a celebratory cocktail or two!

Tuesday, February 12 – 7 pm

Annie Sprinkle

Annie Sprinkle reflects upon the incredibly diverse aspects of the orgasmic experience and introduces twenty-six “orgasm experts” who have, over the years, taught her some key piece of knowledge about the fascinating topic. (photo credit

Plus the climactic shorts!

At long last, attention is paid to the plight of the sextoy-less.

The lovely Jessica Delfino sings it on home!

Dr. Suzy presents an erotic look at the nature of sex and the folly of war, exploding into pop star Orgasmical’s performance of “Funk Me.”


This excerpt from the feminist sex film classic, SLUTS AND GODDESSES, documents Annie’s experience of a historic and mind-bending orgasm.

Joining us for the screening and a Q&A to follow will be directors Matt Davis and the ever-boisterous Dr. Suzy Block, along with the lovely songstress, Jessica Delfino.

All this, plus an afterparty at China 1!

More info and tickets are here!

Jan 072008

>Join us tomorrow for a New Year’s double-header of works from Maria Beatty, each offering up the director’s signature “erotic noir” style and depictions of a ride between pain and pleasure at the hands of a beautiful temptress. And then around the corner for a cocktail or two.

The Elegant Spanking
The Elegant Spanking

The Seven Deadly Sins

“Beatty makes porno into fetishistic film noir; imagine a kinky Louise Brooks, a sadistic Marlene Dietrich (who’s the top?), and some nipple clamps and hot wax, and you’re beginning to get the idea.”
Tristan Taormino, The Village Voice

Tuesday, January 8 @ 7 pm
Two Boots Pioneer Theater
155 E. Third Street (@ Avenue A), NYC

China 1
50 Avenue B (@ 4th Street), NYC

More info and tickets are here!