Aug 132008

>Even though it was first released in 1997, Preaching to the Perverted was an obvious choice to open the first-ever CineKink NYC back in 2003, where it took home one of our first-ever Audience Choice Awards.

From British director Stuart Urban, the movie follows a fresh-faced infiltrator who is dispatched by moral crusaders in Parliament to gather evidence against fetish clubs in the United Kingdom, where many of the saucier activities are illegal. Thrust into a shiny latex world of clubs and parties, he instead – of course! – becomes infatuated with Tanya Cheex, leader of the fetish scene on both sides of the Atlantic. While he wants her to calm down, become “normal” and avoid going to jail, she wants to pervert him. Who will win? We can only say “hmmm…”

While it’s one of the few wholeheartedly S/M-positive films created to date and a favorite recommendation, until now only a trimmed-up R-rated version has been available on DVD in the US.


But brilliant news! Featuring interview extras by film critic Alonso Duralde with the beyond-sexy star of the movie, Guinevere Turner, there’s a new version out that is touted as unrated and looks to have a likely-key three minutes returned to its running time.

Starting today, freshly available on DVD… Preaching To The Perverted: Guinevere Turner Signature Edition!

Aug 112008

>Amazing but true, but give the Midwest Teen Sex Show a few key concepts, some colorful props and several feet of rope and they manage to convey in the space of several minutes what it takes many a fetish-friendly documentarian – self included – a good half hour to express.

Herewith MTSS Episode #18 (Fetishes)

(Though we know they’re kidding, our internal safety nazi wishes they’d spent a wee bit of that time literally underscoring the unwisdom of leaving anyone in bondage unattended. Probably the kids just get it?)

Apr 282008

>We’re still feeling a little jet-laggy and discombulated from our trip west and subsequent weather flip-flops. But our recent time back at home sorting through the family archives (aka clutter in the basement) triggered the recollection that one of our very first television idols was Batman. And for a time, we even had his picture tacked to the wall above our bed.

What this might mean in terms of early fetish imprints, we can only begin to speculate – see also The Sound of Music – but the thought did provide impetus to spend a good chunk of a rainy Monday morning procrastinating amongst the nostalgic offerings on YouTube.

Herewith, our early girl-crush, Batgirl, in her introduction to the series – along with the bemused wondering why our childhood Halloween rendition of her didn’t somehow incorporate purple latex.

That, in itself, might explain a few things!