Dec 042008

>While we were more than a little disappointed that the latest Bond installation, Quantum of Solace, didn’t feature a reprise scene of a naked Daniel Craig tied to a chair, we at least found that our renowned appetite for men-in-suits was, er, suitably sated.

And additional solace was discovered in the beguiling form of two new Bond “girls.” Gemma Arterton as the perkily British Agent Fields, whose – spoiler alert – ultimate denouement is recounted pictorally by Violet Blue. And the sultry Olga Kurylenka who, also via Violet, talks below about her role in the French thriller, The Serpent, and her enjoyment of taking part in the movie’s graphic and detailed bondage scenes:

Oct 022008

>In the interest of the fair and the balanced, we also did a quick search for any upcoming Joe Biden porn–remember, we like men in suits–but turned up mainly an obscure reference to the long-ago Clarence Thomas hearings and some legislative, law-making stuff.

So, via just every other blog in the nation, on this morn of the great Vice Presidential showdown, we bring you this casting call for what’s being widely dubbed as “the inevitable” Sarah Palin porn adult movie.


And, via Gawker, confirmation that the as-yet-untitled work is in the can and was produced by Hustler Video, the company of free speech activist and political meddler, Larry Flynt.

Sadness. We were somehow hoping for the title X, the inevitable next step for political revisionist auteur, Oliver Stone.