Aug 282009

Vote for my PanelPicker Idea!

We recently submitted a couple of proposals on topics we’d like to present at the next SXSW festival–and we’d love your thumbs-up support on either or both if you’re so inclined.

Both proposals have been included in the SXSW 2010 PanelPicker, the rather sadomasochistic tool that the event uses to help determine which topics will ultimately be included… your “yes” votes and comments can definitely make a difference!

#1 – The Porn Police Are STILL at the Door
Not just for pornographers, the notion for this panel grew out of our work curating CineKink, as we noticed that entries submitted by filmmakers from the adult sphere typically included notice that federal record-keeping requirements for sexually explicit material had been properly met, while those coming from the independent film world did not. (If you’re thinking “2257, huh?” that could probably be you!) Making matters worse, the regulations have recently been expanded to cover not just actual or documentary depictions of sex, but simulated situations—ie fiction—as well.

Yikes, you say? Pick this panel!

#2 – Was It Something I Said? TOS And Content
Meanwhile, this panel was inspired by the frustrations we’ve experienced over the years trying to position and promote a sex-related endeavor on the internet–from finding a web host and sending email blasts, to processing ticket sales and donations, to creating an identity in social marketing and getting our videos placed on popular sites. Seemingly the old adage–“I’ll know it when I see it”–flourishes online, where murky definitions of what content is and is not allowed abound. One gatekeeper’s “inappropriate” is another’s “adult” is another’s “offensive, obscene and/or pornographic.” How are we affected as users and creators–and is there any recourse?

Wanna find out? Pick this panel!

Jun 092009

>We originally noticed the art form in conjunction with the first annual Air Sex World Championship, held last fall in Austin, but haven’t yet witnessed the act first-hand.

That will change this week–for much of America–as the competition takes to the road in search of this year’s champion Air Sex performer. Kicking off tonight in Atlanta, the tour takes place over the next three weeks in cities across the nation.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Take a peek at last year’s action for some guidelines and be prepared to serve it up!

Feb 062009

>As we continue to tinker behind the scenes on CineKink NYC, coming up February 24th to March 1st, let us whet your appetite with this tasty morsel, a glimpse at The Auteur, a mélange of romantic comedy and raunchy satire that tells the story of renowned porn director Arturo Domingo, creative genius behind such classics as Five Easy Nieces and Requiem for a Wet Dream:

We’ve been admiring The Auteur from afar for quite awhile now and we’re delighted to give this sweetly smutty film a stellar CineKink showcase slot–Saturday, February 28 @ 9 PM.

Hope you’ll join us!

Jan 152009

>For those of you fortunate enough to find yourself in Amsterdam this weekend–or with the wherewithal to grab a last-minute red-eye across the Atlantic–be sure to drop in for the cinematic antics at Rated X!

More tongue-twistingly known as the Amsterdam Alternative Erotica Film Festival and curated in part by our good friend and CineKink alum Jennifer Lyon Bell, the event promises “big-screen sexuality coming from a myriad of different angles and artistic perspectives.” We’ll be mixing it up–at least on that big screen–with CineKink’s “Kinky Bits,” a program featuring such favorites as Anonymity, Coming Out Spanko, Namaha Man, guy101, Hitchcocked, Who’s The Top and Married with Children.

Also around for the festivities will be Maria Beatty and Tony Comstock, each of whom will be enjoying a retrospective moment in the spotlight, along with a veritable reunion of CineKink alumni. Past and–we certainly hope–future.

Hope towish we could see you there!