Oct 022009

>Recalling his shocked dismay upon learning of all the governmental regulations around filmic depictions of sex, we’d like to think that director Joe Swanberg‘s participation in our SXSW panel, The Porn Police: Know The Rules, may have finally inspired him to cover his, um, ass.

In any case, we’re very intrigued by the revolutionary technology he’s utilizing on his new movie, Birthday Suit, an amazing advance that allows him to create the illusion of graphic sexual content. “If anybody, for even a split second, realizes that it’s a digital erection, then we have failed,” says Joe.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes report from the set:

Dec 172008

>The Stagg Party, the latest web series from the prolific director Joe Swanberg–who we last saw gracing our “The Porn Police: Know the Rules” panel at SXSW–has been unspooling on IFC. Following photographer Ellen Stagg as she moves between the worlds of mainstream work and erotica, this week’s episode, “Catching Up,” features an appearance by CineKink alum Madison Young and a nod to her Femina Potens art gallery.

And, since we were a little distracted with running a film festival at the time, here’s more of Madison, as profiled last February in $pread magazine.


Aug 132008

>Even though it was first released in 1997, Preaching to the Perverted was an obvious choice to open the first-ever CineKink NYC back in 2003, where it took home one of our first-ever Audience Choice Awards.

From British director Stuart Urban, the movie follows a fresh-faced infiltrator who is dispatched by moral crusaders in Parliament to gather evidence against fetish clubs in the United Kingdom, where many of the saucier activities are illegal. Thrust into a shiny latex world of clubs and parties, he instead – of course! – becomes infatuated with Tanya Cheex, leader of the fetish scene on both sides of the Atlantic. While he wants her to calm down, become “normal” and avoid going to jail, she wants to pervert him. Who will win? We can only say “hmmm…”

While it’s one of the few wholeheartedly S/M-positive films created to date and a favorite recommendation, until now only a trimmed-up R-rated version has been available on DVD in the US.


But brilliant news! Featuring interview extras by film critic Alonso Duralde with the beyond-sexy star of the movie, Guinevere Turner, there’s a new version out that is touted as unrated and looks to have a likely-key three minutes returned to its running time.

Starting today, freshly available on DVD… Preaching To The Perverted: Guinevere Turner Signature Edition!

Aug 042008


CineKink’s Tawdry Summer Tryst!

Tuesday, August 5th – 8 pm
The Red Room @ KGB Complex
85 E. 4th Street (@ 2nd Ave)

It’s our fifth anniversary and we’ll be mixing it up at The Red Room to celebrate! Cozy up to a new best friend, sink back into air-conditioned comfort and heat up with CineKink’s anniversary revisit with a few of our favorite, recent hook-ups …

TEAT BEAT OF SEX (Signe Baumane)
Three animated lectures on sex.

SALT (Campbell Farquhar)
A shared passion for food – and other things.

HIGHWAY AMAZON (Ronnie Cramer)
A meet up with bodybuilder Christine Fetzer, who earns her living traveling the country and wrestling men on hotel room beds.

IN YER ROOM (Bobby McNasty)
Ol’ Blue Eyes never sang it quite like this.

THE PARTY (Jessica Rotondi)
A guy drags his girlfriend to a craigslist “Make-out Party,” but soon discovers it wasn’t quite what he expected.

The filmmaker examines his own ideas about sex and love by venturing into the world of swingers, where partners are interchangeable and have virtually nothing to hide.


THE GOOD GIRL (Erika Lust)
Alex is a high-powered exec who thinks about sex a lot, but rarely acts upon her desires and never takes the initiative. Until now, that is.

Cocktails to follow, downstairs at KGB Bar.

More info and advance tickets – highly recommended – are here!

Jul 142008

>Sincere thanks to everyone who came out for CineKink: San Francisco! It’s always nice to sell out a show, but even moreso when the crowd is so enthusiastic and involved.

It was also a treat having so much talent in the house, with Midori taking time out of her busy Rope Dojo weekend to make an appearance after Silken Sleeves, and filmmakers Westland Armitage, Tanya Bezreh, Steve Gatlin, Michelle Johnson and Madison Young joining us for some compelling post-screening discussions.

And we’ll be headed home with more wonderful new blurbs for the collection!

CineKink: The thinking person’s traveling erotic film fest – Violet Blue, Open Source Sex
I’m so very excited that CineKink is this weekend here in San Francisco — and the refined, indy, edgy traveling eroto-porn film fest might be coming to a major city near you. If it does, don’t miss it.

Rated X-static – Michael Fox, SF Weekly
An orgy of celebration more than titillation, the six programs shine a flattering light on real people and real sex, with an endearing splash of art and humor.

CineKink: More FlavorFlavorpill
Whether you’re crazy for leather, proudly polyamorous, or you just like to watch, CineKink’s popular, perverse film series educates while it titillates.

Thanks again to Joel Shepard, Calvin Souther and everyone else at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. See you next year!