Oct 012007

>We’ve had so much going on in our New York calendar lately, it’s been hard for everyone (especially us!) to keep on top of where we are when. And October’s looking especially hectic…

Friday, October 5th – 9 pm
CineKink’s “Bite the Apple!” @ New York Leather Weekend

Saturday, October 6th – noon
CineKink scopes the scene at NYC’s Poly Pride Day Picnic
(and, energy permitting, Poly Pride dance that evening)

Sunday, October 7th – 2 pm
CineKink @ New York Leather Weekend’s Street Fair

Tuesday, October 9th – 7 pm

Thursday, October 11th – 8 pm
NEW! Save the date for a special CineKink appearance by The Wet Spots!
More info coming soon…

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