May 132008

>A sprawling, four-part documentary, Sex: The Revolution, takes on just that when it airs on VH1 this week.

We missed the first episode ourselves, but as with all things VH1, repeats are a-plenty and there’s still time to set your dvr! Or, if you’re feeling a little more highbrow, catch the encores when they’re broadcast on the Sundance Channel next week.

Starting with the sexual repression of the 1950s and moving into the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, the series promises to “… explore a time in American history that challenged centuries of traditional morality about sex. A time that eradicated people’s fear, loathing and ignorance about sex. A time that promoted unprecedented sexual honesty and expression. And in the end, a time when laws were changed and rulings made to end censorship and legal retribution for people’s private sexual behavior.”

How much of a back-sliding we’ve experienced since then we’ll try not to contemplate. And turn our attention instead to this clip from the series about Barbarella and the sexual trends that the movie exemplified:

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