Feb 162009

>We hope you’re using your time to rest up and get ready for the festivities, as CineKink NYC is set for its return appearance February 24th to March 1st, with a jam-packed schedule full of things you won’t want to miss.

Tuesday, February 24
8:00 pm – Kick-Off Gala & Fundraiser

Wednesday, February 25
6:45 pm – Sex Positive
9:00 pm – MindFLESH

Thursday, February 26
6:45 pm – Whips & Restraint
9:00 pm – Lipsticks & Crinoline

Friday, February 27
6:45 pm – The Workshop
9:00 pm – Wanton Female Desire
11:10 pm – Graphic Sexual Horror

Saturday, February 28
12:30 pm – Kinky
2:30 pm – Happy Endings?
4:30 pm – Marta’s Sex Tape
6:45 pm – Twisted Knickers
9:00 pm – The Auteur
11:10 pm – Bring It! (adult cinema showcase)

Sunday, March 1
6:00 pm – Awards Celebration
8:30 pm – AfterGlow Party!

For all the salacious details, visit http://www.cinekink.bside/films/ and
click on the films and events like to know more about.

  One Response to “>CineKink-at-a-Glance!”

  1. >A very good program!

    Many interesting shortfilms.

    Unfortunately we live in a year without a long independent-film featuring bdsm/fetish/dominatrixes.

    CINEKINK is very important for the subculture and for filmmakers!

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