Dec 012006

>Sure, it might be some seriously freaky roleplay, but we’re certainly not the first to speculate on Ann Coulter’s seemingly dominatrix-y demeanor. (See also Google re: Ann + Coulter + dominatrix.) But Ann’s nattering on and on reached a new level of sadistic tedium when she appeared on FOX News recently, as part of an “alarming new report,” Ivy Gone Wild, commenting on a wee bit of to-do in the news over Columbia University’s BDSM Club, Conversio Virium.

As writer/activist/sadomasochist Susan Wright observes:

I expected outrage from her, but all Ann does is giggle inanely and jab at “losers” who have to join a sex club to get sex. Her most priceless quote: “This has been well documented. Christians have more sex, better sex, more sexual satisfaction…you want a sex club, become an evangelical.”

Oh, really? Is that the Religious Right’s new rallying cry? Join us and get lots of sex? Seems to me the first thing the Evangelical Sex Club should do is stop telling everyone else that the way we want to have sex is wrong. Then let the orgy begin!

Um, Ann. Like we said? Anytime!

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