Mar 102009

>You put all that time in the seats, be sure to let us know what you think!

Our CineKink community on B-Side gives you the ability to rate your favorites (and, though hard to fathom, not-so-favorites) and leave reviews on the films you saw throughout the festival.

These reviews are keenly anticipated by our filmmakers, fellow audience members, other festival programmers and all of us at CineKink, as we use them to help determine and promote bookings for our upcoming tour appearances.

All you need to take part is an email address, just register here and pass along your thoughts.

Oct 162008


You probably won’t get the inside scoop on what really goes down at the CineKink AfterGlow Party, but otherwise you’ll find all kinds of useful insider knowledge crammed into Film Festival Secrets: A Handbook for Independent Filmmakers.

Written by Christopher Holland, keeper of a blog of the same name and Manager of Festival Operations for B-Side Entertainment , the book is available for free online perusal. And/or, for those of us who prefer something tangible in our hot, little hands, may be purchased via Amazon.

And, lest we forget our own critical niche on the film festival circuit, a reminder that the CineKink call for entries is still underway. Submit now!