Oct 222008

>And likely a somewhat noxious smoke at that, as the good Reverend Eldredge–in a ceremonial burning and “holy hose-down”– recently set flame to a cache of pornographic celluloid that was discovered in the old drive-in theater his church had recently purchased. The ritual was intended to purify the property and “make it holy” before taking full possession.

According to a Jacksonville, Florida newspaper:
Members of Christ Church Anglican discovered reel upon reel of ’70s- and ’80s-vintage X-rated movies recently when they took over the old Playtime Drive-In on Blanding Boulevard a few weeks ago. The Playtime showed X-rated movies in the ’70s and early ’80s, prompting police raids and protests, before switching to more traditional fare.

A church member, the story continues, estimated the destroyed stash at over a 100 films, with such titles as Kinky Business and Private Teacher giving pretty broad clues as to their contents. Both cited examples are from the era when the VCR was bringing about the demise of the pornographic film business–the first an obvious nod to the ’80s mainstream classic Risky Business and featuring another icon of the era, Traci Lords.

But, while no one is likely to know for sure what reels were tucked away on the premises, the vintage ads posted at the Playtime Drive-In blog indicate a rich history of exploitation and other cheap, smutty fun stretching back a couple of decades.


Mar 072008

>As promised – though slightly delayed by the lingering and distracting effects of our Afterglow – a variety of CineKink NYC awards were announced at our awards celebration on Sunday night!

CineKink Choice awards, which go to feature-length works in competition during the festival, were determined by audience balloting at the close of each eligible work’s screening. The 2008 award winners are:

CineKink Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature:
“Call Me Troy” (Scott Bloom, 2007, USA, 100 minutes)

CineKink Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature:
“Viva” (Anna Biller, 2006, USA, 120 minutes)

CineKink Choice Award for Best Experimental Feature:
“Silken Sleeves” (Maria Beatty, 2006, USA, 50 minutes)

CineKink Choice Award – Honorable Mention:
“Triple X Selects: The Best of Lezsploitation”
(Michelle Johnson, 2007, USA, 48 minutes)

CineKink Best awards, which go to short works in competition during the festival, were determined by jury deliberation and ranking. The 2008 award winners are:

CineKink Best Narrative Short:
“Who’s the Top?” (Jennie Livingston, 2005, USA, 22 minutes)

CineKink Best Documentary Short:
“Coming Out Spanko” (Tanya Bezreh, 2008, USA, 15 minutes)

CineKink Best Animated Short:
“Teat Beat of Sex” (Signe Baumane, 2007, USA, 4 minutes)

CineKink Best Experimental Short:
“Closer” (Aitor Echeverria, 2007, Spain, 7 minutes)
“Salt” (Campbell Farquhar, 2006, New Zealand, 3 minutes)

Honorable Mention/Best Experimental Short:
“Crossing” (HP Comings, 2007, USA, 19 minutes)

CineKink Honorable Best Mentions:
“Office Mobius” (Seung Hyung Lee & Seungil Hwang, 2007, USA, 5 minutes)
“Something About Nadia” (Erika Lust, 2007, Spain, 21 minutes)
“Wash Me Clean” (Michael Immerman, 2008, USA, 30 minutes)

This year’s jury included Thor Stockman, creator and presenter of the popular film clip program “S/M at the Movies,” Viviane, ring-leader of the sex blog, “Viviane’s Sex Carnival, and Bill Woods, a film festival programmer and curator of the New Filmmakers series at Anthology Film Archives.

“Schwarzwald” (Richard Kimmel, 2007, USA, 59 minutes)

Recognizing extraordinary depiction of kink and sex in mainstream film and television, the annual CineKink Tribute was presented to:

“Shortbus” (2006, USA, 106 minutes)
Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Screenwriter: John Cameron Mitchell
Cast: Sook-Yin Lee, Paul Dawson, Lindsay Beamish, PJ DeBoy, Raphael Barker, Jay Brannan, Peter Stickles and Justin Bond.
Producers: Howard Gertler, John Cameron Mitchell and Tim Perell
Executive Producer: Wouter Barendrecht and Alexis Fish
Distributor: ThinkFilm

CineKink Tribute Honorable Mentions (aka The CineKink Nod):
Lust, Caution” (Focus Features)
The Oprah Winfrey Show – 237 Reasons to Have Sex
Zoo” (ThinkFilm)

Many thanks and congratulations to this year’s CineKink award winners – and to all of our uber-talented filmmakers!

Feb 282008

>We’re just getting started – still plenty of time to jump on board – and tonight at CineKink it’s a hot double-bill of steamy exploitation!

First up on Thursday, at 7:00 pm, it’s TRIPLE X SELECTS: THE BEST OF LEZSPLOITATION, an international feast of lesbian-exploitation highlights from the 1960s and ’70s, presented in all of their notoriously twisted glory. Accented by music reflecting the era and featuring a wacked-out scientific commentary, a compilation of selections from over twenty films brings together and re-appropriates Swedish wildcats, Italian lesbionic nuns, frisky inmates in South American prisons, Euro vampires – and a vast assortment of other Sapphic grindhouse frolics. Plays with the kinky shorts PILLOW GIRL and HIGHWAY AMAZON, along with the world premiere of three-time-CineKink alum T. Arthur Cottam’s DIRTY WORDS: THE LETTER C!

Triple X Selects

More info and tickets: right here!

Then, at 9 PM, it’s VIVA, the sordid tale of a bored housewife who gets swept up in the sexual revolution, a highly stylized film that draws on classic exploitation cinema for its look, characters and story-line. Saturated to the hilt with vibrant color and exquisitely detailed in its depiction of the period and the genre, it follows the adventures of Barbi who, abandoned by her perfect Ken-doll husband, is dragged out on the town and into trouble by her “women’s lib”-spouting girlfriend. An innocent in a sea of wolves, Barbi becomes “Viva” and quickly learns a lot more than she ever thought she wanted to know about the wild 1970s – nudists, swingers, hippies, orgies and lesbians – oh, my!

More info and tickets – and check out that trailer!