Dec 172008

>The Stagg Party, the latest web series from the prolific director Joe Swanberg–who we last saw gracing our “The Porn Police: Know the Rules” panel at SXSW–has been unspooling on IFC. Following photographer Ellen Stagg as she moves between the worlds of mainstream work and erotica, this week’s episode, “Catching Up,” features an appearance by CineKink alum Madison Young and a nod to her Femina Potens art gallery.

And, since we were a little distracted with running a film festival at the time, here’s more of Madison, as profiled last February in $pread magazine.


Oct 172008

>Just as with dating, it might be too much to expect both qualities in one package. And the not-so-mixed reviews don’t exactly make a compelling argument for a dash to the cineplex. (Though largely affectionate–“I sort of liked it”–critic Andrew O’Hehir’s review also includes the observation that it “…seems like a movie Jim Jarmusch might have started in 1991 and then abandoned because it wasn’t going anywhere.” Yikes! That’s the very fear that has kept us unproductively lodged in our creativity burrow all these many decades.)

But Madonna’s directorial debut, Filth and Wisdom, would seem to have enough CineKink-relevant themes to warrant at least a quick go-over–and, who knows, quite possibly a Tribute? We’re ever-eager to be happily surprised.

Mar 132008

>One delayed flight and some much needed sleep later, we’re back from our SXSW adventures.

We’ll have more to report once we’ve had a chance to recombobulate, but meantime, many congratulations to our fellow Porn Police panelist, Joe Swanberg, whose Nights and Weekends was picked up for distribution by IFC.

While much of our panel discussion centered around the dry – and vague – legal particulars of what might be deemed lascivious or even explicit, the film is a beautiful example of sexuality utlized in the service of story and artistic expression – and why such arguments are so vital in the first place.

Aug 032007

>Evan Shapiro of IFC, home to such bold programming as Indie Sex and This Film is Not Yet Rated, is – how shall we put it? – “…very interested in sex.”

Perhaps even obsessed.

Pinch hitting for The Reeler, he explains:

What I am obsessed with are the myriad sexual hang-ups ingrained in American society and how they continue to affect and constrain our culture. I don’t mean private penchants or fetishes practiced behind closed doors by everyday consenting citizens. I mean the sexual neuroses of those in positions of authority who constantly tell us that our own predilections are not “normal” or “acceptable.” These hang-ups are both interesting and important, because they who possess them often seem hellbent on inflicting them on the rest of us. Fact is, America is far more obsessed with sex than I am. By exploring sexuality, and exposing society’s sexual hang-ups, we’ve tried — in our way — to de-stigmatize sex in all its forms, and help treat America’s collective phobia.

This refreshingly straight-forward, activist-minded stance obviously make its presence known in much of IFC’s programming. And it carries through the rest of Shapiro’s post, ranging from the production of the Indie Sex series to the relevance of R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closest to challenging sexual stereotypes. (WTF? Just read it.)

Aug 022007

>If that’s the case, looks like we actually have a bit of catching up to do. Somehow in our July torpor we missed the announcement that the documentary series, Indie Sex, began airing this week on IFC.

Fortunately, it’s cable, so last night’s missed episode will be back around shortly (and again and again). But we’ll be watching closely to see if any of the footage the crew shot at last year’s CineKink kick-off gala with the fabulous Wet Spots made it past network censors and into the final production.

And, if we’re not lying somewhere on the cutting-room floor, would we be more likely considered the “Taboos” type – episode #2, airing tonight! – or a bit more an “Extremes” sort of girl?

Tune in and find out…

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