May 092008

>A stand-out at the recent Tribeca Film Festival, we’ve got our eyes on The Auteur, the sweet and raucous story of Arturo Domingo, the one-time leading director of art-porn cinema (Five Easy Nieces, Requiem for a Wet Dream, Full Metal Jack-Off), who finds himself at an all-time low in both career and romance.

The movie is a perfect fit for CineKink and we’ll naturally be looking to include it in our next fest. But that’s still a ways off – approximately 291 days as of right now, but who’s counting? – and we’d love for it to find the audience it deserves in the meantime.

And you can help! Currently in the running for a slot in From Here to Awesome, a new festival that strives to cut through a lot of distribution mumbo-jumbo and make films more widely and directly available, you can take a gander at the submission trailer for The Auteur below and then make your desires known right here:

(It plays a much larger role in the actual movie, but watch for a few cameo appearances of the Clinton Street Theater, past and possibly future home to CineKink: PDX!)

Nov 012007

>We’re sorry to report we’ve been a bit distracted by a medical emergency on the old family homefront, as our arrival back in Portland was greeted – literally! – by a hard tumble on the part of CineKinkster’s paternal unit. But one successful hip surgery and the start of some intensive physical therapy later, the show will go on! Thusly…

…please join us as CineKink: PDX makes its brazen appearance tonight – running Thursday thru Saturday, November 1-3 with a three-night stand of films and videos that explore and celebrate a wide diversity of sexuality.

A touring version of our “really alternative film festival” held annually in New York, works presented will range from documentary to drama, mildly spicy to quite explicit – and everything in between.

November 1 – 7 pm/Vice & Consent (w/The Line Between)
November 1 – 9 pm/Webcam Girls (w/Dick Ho: Asian Male Pornstar)
November 2 – 7 pm/Power Plays
November 2 – 9 pm/Passion Plays
November 2 – 11 pm/Pornology New York
November 3 – 7 pm/Going Under
November 3 – 9 pm/The Best of CineKink

Taking place at the Clinton Street Theater, tickets are $6 per show, door only.

For more information and the full festival line-up, go here!