Nov 202009

>We could try to pass it off as brilliant planning, but it was actually fortuitous happenstance that Sissy Stephanie and Sissy Carol, co-stars of the wildly popular CineKink trailer, Sissies Gone Wild!, scheduled an excursion to coincide with CineKink: San Francisco.

Naturally, it’s a happenstance we’ll happily exploit and we’ve invited both of the lovelies to join us for an encore presentation of Sissies Gone Wild! and a personal appearance at tonight’s screening of Lipsticks & Crinoline, our pan-sexy program of colorful gender frolics. (Come for the gender frolics at 7pm, then stay for a cinematic celebration of female pleasure, Wanton Female Desire, at 9 pm.)

Are you ready to get wild?!

Feb 212008

>Nearing the end of our count-down of CineKink trailers redux, we’d be most remiss to overlook these petticoated crowd-pleasers!

From CineKink NYC 2006, again our many thanks to on-screen phenoms – Sissy Carol, Sissy Stephanie and Sissy Terri – and to the editorial genius, Steve Ovenden, for bringing our tender creative visions into such vivid existence.

And perhaps at CineKink NYC 2008, a chance to see the Sissies again – but this time as celebrities in our midst?

Oct 032007

>As part of New York Leather Weekend, CineKink presents a fundraiser for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom ….

Friday, October 5th – 9 pm

CineKink, “the really alternative film festival,” presents a special screening of film and video shorts from New York directors for a celebration of kinky Gotham. Dark and gritty, sleek and sophisticated, seamy and … well, come and take a bite for yourself!!

On My Knees
On My KneesDirected by Kim Wood, 2003, USA, 13 minutes.
Culled from the secret diaries of Hannah Cullwick, a Victorian fetishist and “maid-of-all-work,” a life of unabashed deviance is traced.

DragonLilyDirected by Napoleon Lake, 2005, USA, 21 minutes. On a stroll around Greenwich Village, DragonLily discovers Steven Speliotis’ book Asia Bondage and is transported to her own explicit fantasy world of intricate bondage.

The Black Glove
The Black GloveDirected by Maria Beatty, 1996, USA, 30 minutes.The flame of the candle that illuminates and torments, reveals the wondrous form of the willing slave, whose haunting, wide eyes and full, parted lips recall the classic silent screen goddesses.

Directed by Joe Gallant, 2005, USA, 7 minutes.
A meditation on love in the crosshairs, the post-mod tectonic power-shift so visible in contemporary relationships.

Plus, for the first-time ever altogether!
CineKink Trailer Redux
Directed by Lisa Vandever, 2003-06, USA, 10 minutes.Since its start in 2003, CineKink has featured various NYC scene illuminaries in the trailer that runs before each festival program. With titles including Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding, CineKink Veterans for Truth, You Horah! and Sissies Gone Wild! – who do you know?!?

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