Sep 192008

>In addition to a screening of Zack and Miri Make a Porno, opening night revelry for this year’s Fantastic Fest included the first annual Air Sex World Championship. Kinda like air guitar, but pretty much not, as seen in this video via Spout, the competition featured live performers simulating sex, vying for the prize of a trip to Nevada and a gift certificate for some type of bunny ranch or another.

While air sex has been a regular installation at the festival’s hosting venue in Austin, the activity can be traced back to Japan, the home of blurred depictions of pubic hair and other perversities. There, as seen in this clip from the television series Japanorama, the original version sports one critical distinction from its American imitators– performers seemingly devoid of any actual sexual experience whatsoever:

Aug 282008


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“The reason you tweak laws, redefining them or broadening their definitions, is to create the opportunity for a legal climate in which challenges may better succeed.”
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“The only real trouble with being a triad came from the world around us.”
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“I will never feel shame for being a sex worker.”

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Aug 192008

>While we loooved The Draughtman’s Contract back in our full-on film school days, we’ve been loathe for a current revisit, fearing it might not hold up to our one-time adulation.

Karina Longworth recently took the film on, however, providing commentary for Kevin Lee’s video essay series on the alleged “1,000 Greatest Movies of All Time”. Her findings? Before placing the film in context of other 1982 cultural phenomena, Duran Duran included, she laughingly pronounces the movie’s message as nothing much more than “well, people who wore corsets liked to fuck.”

We’ll have to take another look!

Aug 012008

>It’s summertime and – much to our delight! – they definitely seem to have sex on the brain over at SPOUTBlog!

Just today, there’s a round-up of The 10 Best Masturbation Scenes that will first have you questioning if there’s even that many. Then have you rushing to comment on your favorite glaringly obvious omission. (Um, hello. Secretary?!?)

Beyond that, we’ve been horribly remiss in mentioning the blog’s weekly posts by our provocative friend, Lauren Wissot, who began writing regularly for Spout back in June: “We wanted to call her column ‘Art Films To Jerk Off To,’ but in the end that might be too limiting––after all, who’s to say what qualifies as art?”

Since then, Lauren’s missives on the libidinous in indie and mainstream cinema have touched upon such natural candidates as David Lynch, the S/M classic Maitresse and the Five Unsexiest Movies About Sex: The Breillat Awards(!!). And they’ve incorporated some unlikely subjects as well, from the consideration of Charlie Chaplin as sexy rogue to the BDSM underpinnings of Hitchcock’s Marnie:

She was “always pulling her skirt down over her knees as if there were a national treasure,” Marnie’s lecherous employer-turned-victim Mr. Strutt mutters at the beginning of Hitch’s classic, introducing us to Hedren’s character as a trobbing cock-tease – who, of course, needs to be punished like the naughty little girl she really is deep down inside. Enter Connery’s controlling Master Rutland, immaculately dressed in suit and tie (I love a man in a uniform!), a big bad wolf smile on his face as he eavesdrops on Strutt’s report to the police. Is there any doubt that this is the perfect square-jawed, hairy-chest daddy for the B&D job?

We imagine she does – but we can’t wait to see if Lauren shares our take on The Sound of Music!