Apr 212009


No…make that “play and instant replay.”

Another blast from the past, the ad–depicting only “one of thousands of ways to get it on”–promised anyone buying an AKAI video system would be invited to a video taping session with a Penthouse Pet of the Month, such as December 1971’s Lynn Parlington, as featured here. Anyone get an offer like that from Sony?

(Full version at Vintage Ads, snagged via joebehrsandiego)

Apr 132009

>Marilyn Chambers starred in the very first porn we ever encountered, Behind the Green Door–which we snuck into with some high school girlfriends back in the day–and it’s sad to be passing along the news that the iconic adult film star has died.

Here, in a 1977 interview on Al Goldstein’s cable series, Midnight Blue, Marilyn discusses her break into movies, her projects of the time and a forthright enjoyment of kinky sex and S/M…