Jul 012008

>Well, sorta. We’re still caught up in processing a long, hot weekend of cavorting in the woods with a bunch of kinksters at Leather Retreat.

For a rough approximation of how we spent our time off – and to while away the yearning moments until our full return – enjoy a nice revisit with Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal’s ‘Caligula,’ briefly available again on YouTube and good research fodder the next time you require a costume for a Roman orgy toga party orgy:

May 012008

>For those fortunates living in the NYC-metro area, another chance to take in Viva, as it opens for a run at Cinema Village on Friday.

Winner of the Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature at CineKink 2008, Viva is a gorgeously stylized film that draws on classic exploitation cinema for its look, characters and story-line, giving us the sordid story of a bored housewife who gets swept up in the sexual revolution – nudists, swingers, hippies, orgies and lesbians – oh, my!

The film’s multi-hyphenated director and star, the lovely and delightful Anna Biller, will be on hand during weekend screenings, along with her charming co-star Jared Sanford.

Tickets are available here!