Oct 162006

>We’re losing sleep these days in our breathless anticipation of “The State of Smut: NYC,” a special CineKink panel taking place on Saturday, October 21 at 4:30 pm.

No longer the hub of porn production it was in the 1970s, New York City has become a haven for filmmakers who are forging new paths in adult entertainment. A panel of NYC-based directors will discuss what it is like working in this sector of the film business, also considering whether the city itself inspires a unique approach to the subject matter and whether the movies made locally are all that different from those produced in “Porn Valley.”

Moderating the panel will be Audacia Ray, an executive editor at $pread magazine and Fleshbot contributor, who recently directed her first adult feature, “The Bi Apple.”

Our illustrious panelists include:

Tony Comstock of Comstock Films, specializing in explicit documentaries of real-life lovers (including the recently banned-in-Australia “Damon & Hunter: Doing it Together,” which will have its US Premiere later that evening in the CineKink NYC schedule, October 21, 8:30 pm);

Tony Dimarco, art director for Lucas Entertainment, which produces glossy films for the gay adult market, and art director/director of photography of their most recent feature, “La Dolce Vita;”

Joe Gallant of Black Mirror Productions, whose gritty, East Village-based productions are touted as “sleazy NYC sex;” and

Candida Royalle, whose pioneering Femme Productions was founded in 1980 to make erotica intended primarily for women.

Questions from the audience will be encouraged and – need you ask? – film clips will be included!