Aug 242009

>We’ve just got word from Jennifer Lyon Bell that her CineKink award-winning short film, Matinée, has been banned from screening publicly in Australia.


Jennifer’s piece was scheduled to run tomorrow at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. But the event has been informed by the nation’s censorship board, the Office of Film and Literature Classification, that of all of the selections submitted for permission to screen as “unrated”–which is typically how Australian festivals are able to screen independent works which haven’t gone through a costly classification process–Matinée could not be exhibited. (Another film presented at CineKink, Tony Comstock‘s documentary Damon & Hunter enjoyed this dubious distinction back in 2006!)

In a statement of protest published by MUFF, Jennifer questions the OFLC’s decision:

The sexual relationship portrayed by the characters Mariah and Daniel in Matinée is not only a consensual, emotional and nuanced relationship, but their sex plays an important role in the story of the film. The story is not tacked on to the sex; rather, the story has everything to do with the way the characters continue to communicate nonverbally throughout the entire sex scene.

And festival director Richard Wolstencroft, after extolling the work’s artistic merits and noting its relevance in promoting a positive view of female sexual empowerment, criticizes the ban as sexist and hypocritical in light of other recent descisions by the OFLC :

Lars Von Trier’s ‘Antichrist’ was recently passed by the OFLC for the Melbourne International Film Festival. This film depicts extremely high levels of sexual violence and genital mutilation, and encourages a phallocentric vision in its audience that touches on the idea that women are inherently evil. ‘Matinee’ depicts actual sex between two adults in a loving and consenting partnership, and significantly it focuses on the importance of women’s pleasure in sexual intimacy, and presents a remarkably strong female lead. Passing ‘Antichrist’ but banning ‘Matinee’ reveals a tendency in the OFLC to suppress films which strengthen female sexuality on screen and to allow films which encourage view that female sexuality is damaged, fractured or violent.

There’s been some talk that MUFF will go ahead with its originally intended screening as an act of civil disobedience. That would be as part of the Mini Muff Session #5, scheduled for Wednesday, August 26 @ 7pm.

Jan 152009

>For those of you fortunate enough to find yourself in Amsterdam this weekend–or with the wherewithal to grab a last-minute red-eye across the Atlantic–be sure to drop in for the cinematic antics at Rated X!

More tongue-twistingly known as the Amsterdam Alternative Erotica Film Festival and curated in part by our good friend and CineKink alum Jennifer Lyon Bell, the event promises “big-screen sexuality coming from a myriad of different angles and artistic perspectives.” We’ll be mixing it up–at least on that big screen–with CineKink’s “Kinky Bits,” a program featuring such favorites as Anonymity, Coming Out Spanko, Namaha Man, guy101, Hitchcocked, Who’s The Top and Married with Children.

Also around for the festivities will be Maria Beatty and Tony Comstock, each of whom will be enjoying a retrospective moment in the spotlight, along with a veritable reunion of CineKink alumni. Past and–we certainly hope–future.

Hope towish we could see you there!

Oct 282008

>No on Prop 8, that is! And with just one week left before the votes are tallied, here’s a way to get into the fray while making sure that both activist and libidinous urges are fully sated.

For one day only–Tuesday, October 28–Comstock Films will be passing along all proceeds from the sale of their wonderfully erotic documentaries to benefit the “No on Proposition 8” campaign and support same-sex marriage.

That’s 100 percent of the price of any DVD from their ground-breaking series that profiles the passions of real-life lovers–including past CineKink festival favorite, Damon and Hunter: Doing it Together–donated for every purchase made until midnight on Tuesday.

As they say…buy early and buy often!

Mar 082008

>As part of SXSW, CineKink’s co-founder and director, Lisa Vandever, will moderate a panel about the various regulations on sexually explicit content and how they may apply to all types of media producers.

Saturday, March 8 – 5-6 pm

It may seem like sex is everywhere in film, television and online, but sexual portrayals are surprisingly restricted – and getting more so everyday. Already draconian federal regulations on the depiction of sexually explicit conduct were recently expanded and signed into law by President Bush, and now apply to an even wider class of media makers. Not just pornographers, but anyone creating and working with explicit imagery of even simulated sexual conduct – bloggers, webmasters, narrative filmmakers, documentarians – needs to know the rules and the risks.
This session will touch upon:
* Overview of 18 U.S.C. 2257 & 2257A record-keeping requirements for actual and simulated sexually explicit material
* New wrinkles introduced by online access/distribution of materials
* Resources for additional information and advocacy support

Violet Blue
Tony Comstock
Alan Levy, Esq.
Joe Swanberg

If you’re around, come on by!

Dec 112007

>Tonight… CineKink @ Pioneer presents a holiday double-header of works from Comstock Films, offering up tidings of love and joy in their ground-breaking series of documentaries about the passions of real-life lovers.

Then, join us around the corner for a cup of holiday cheer.

Marie & Jack

Marie & Jack

Screening – 7pm:
Pioneer Theater
155 E. Third Street (@ Avenue A), NYC

Afterparty – 9 pm:
China 1
50 Avenue B (@ Fourth Street), NYC

More info and tickets are here!