Jun 302009

>CineKink alumni director Scott Bloom (CineKink ‘06 & ‘08) reports that a copy of his amazing documentary, Call Me Troy, was handed off to Michelle Obama during yesterday’s meet-up with LGBT community leaders.

A profile of gay rights activist and founder of Metropolitan Community Churches, Rev. Troy Perry, the work is an important chronicle of the fight for sexual freedom and a moving tribute to a man who proclaimed that sexuality and religion – Christianity, even! – need not be separate.

Here’s hoping the President makes time in his schedule for a screening and, inspired by Troy’s example, room in his heart to be a truly “fierce advocate” for LGBT rights.

May 272009

>While it’s common belief that each letter received from a constituent represents at least 100 others who held that particular opinion, we’re unsure of the equivalency of a mailed flip flop. What is clear, however, is that in the month ahead, President Obama has the opportunity to stand aside and let a lawsuit against the Defense of Marriage Act move forward unchallenged.

A law the President himself has described as “abhorrent,” DOMA, which prohibits the Federal recognition of same-sex unions, has been taken on in a lawsuit filed by several Massachusetts couples. And the folks at Operation DOMA Flip Flop want to make sure that President Obama stays true to his principles and refuses to defend the unconstitutional statute:

The decision must come down by June 29th, so whether you choose to send a flip flop–or perhaps a respectful-yet-compelling missive neatly written on a sheet of fine stationery–you have only a limited time to weigh in with your opinion.

Oct 282008

>No on Prop 8, that is! And with just one week left before the votes are tallied, here’s a way to get into the fray while making sure that both activist and libidinous urges are fully sated.

For one day only–Tuesday, October 28–Comstock Films will be passing along all proceeds from the sale of their wonderfully erotic documentaries to benefit the “No on Proposition 8” campaign and support same-sex marriage.

That’s 100 percent of the price of any DVD from their ground-breaking series that profiles the passions of real-life lovers–including past CineKink festival favorite, Damon and Hunter: Doing it Together–donated for every purchase made until midnight on Tuesday.

As they say…buy early and buy often!

May 152008

>Or, to be more politic, so same-sex!

We’re slightly chagrined to admit, but our first thought upon learning that the California State Supreme Court had struck down laws limiting same-sex marriage was of the wedding invitations that would soon be winging their way to our mailbox. We do love a good party!

And ever since we endured the sweet tortures of planning our own wedding a few years back, one of our secret indulgences continues to be wedding porn, with a sordid, lingering taste for the occasional Whose Wedding is it Anyway? marathon.

So, while we’re of course enraptured by the right-minded arguments of equality and fairness that surrounds this crucial advance, and there are many videos that might bring us to the edge of sincere choked-upped-ness, given that afterall, this is all really about the basic and simple ability to be publicly and legally joined with the a person you love, we’d also like to say, with this clip from the gay wedding episode of Party, Party – welcome to the freak show!