Sep 052008


Whether tonight’s epidode of Swingtown will be the last of the season or the last ever still remains to be seen. Either way, creators are promising some type of denouement for the evening. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly earlier in the summer, executive producer Alan Poul reported that while the season ends with a cliffhanger, “… it’s also a completely satisfying ending. So, if we go forward, there are many new things that are set up to explore. And if we don’t go forward, there’s no feeling that we’ve been left with something incomplete.”

The program’s community forum is abuzz with either prospect, with many planning to participate in tonight’s CBS-planned online block party. (Bring your own potato salad?)

CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler reportedly remains a fan of the show, but has been disappointed with its ratings and has been shopping it to various cable outlets, where it might have a better chance to flourish away from prudish broadcast standards and the pressure of right-wing extremists placed upon program advertisers.

Reasonable speculation could see the series going to Showtime, a corporate partner of CBS, which yesterday signed a two-year development deal with Swingtown creator Mike Kelley. Primary in the deal will be a new series, BiCoastal, which centers on a man trying to juggle a wife and kids in a Los Angeles and a new male love in NYC. But as enticing as that possibility might be, the Hollywood Reporter quotes Kelley on a continuing loyalty to his current series: “Swingtown is my priority, and I believe there is a home for the show, hopefully it’s on CBS. But if not, we’d be happy just to be able to continue to tell these characters’ story.”

If you’d like to help in that worthy endeavor, please drop a note of support to CBS right here.

And some pleading encouraging words to Showtime while you’re at it.

Jun 192008

>The sixth season of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! kicks off tonight with the “The War on Porn,” described thusly:

“Radical feminists claim porn leads to violence; rabid right-wingers claim it leads to addiction; and even former boy toy Donna Rice claims it’s hurting the children. None of these groups have any proof to back up their claims, but they’ve convinced the government to waste your money and invade your privacy while going after something that should be perfectly legal.”

The episode debuts tonight at 10 pm, with multiple repeats.

(via Thomas Roche via XBiz)

Aug 202007

>Still running mind loops on just a few of the many pleasurable moments of our recent little tryst, we have to ponder one question: sex addiction… reality or media-made mythology?

But an even deeper, darker secret lurks. Too cheap to spring for Showtime, we’ve not as yet had the chance to give Californication, in which David Duchovny stars as a sex-addiction befuddled novelist, the fair and full once over. So, judging from the trailer alone, while it’s a little hard to suss how positive a portrayal of sex the show presents, we’re hardly pressed to say that there sure does seem to be a lot of it!

Okay, maybe not so positive. And maybe the producers could take our notes on “what to say to a nice girl.” But possibly bears actually watching?